I'm moving from England to China

Friday, 27 June 2014

Way back when in 2010 when my hair looked like this

and I was still at school, I went on a ten day trip to China with my mum and sister to visit my brother.
During my short stay China had made a serious impression on me and I wanted to get back as soon as I could, to work, to study I didn't care! I briefly looked into studying at a University in Hong Kong when deciding on universities aged 18, but didn't pursue it beyond looking at their website, I suppose I got daunted by the thought of moving out for the first time without the thought of moving to an entirely foreign country!

So despite this, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to get back and an opportunity arose when my current University offers an integrated placement year into the degree, where I could essentially do anything that I wanted, as long as it was a form of skilled, challenging work!
In November 2013 an opening came about that I fell for, and by January my job for 12 months in China had been confirmed!

I have a one way flight booked and a visa tucked neatly into my passport, I begin work in July and arrive in China a few days before to settle in.

I may be sounding all casual and blah-say about this whole thing when writing it down, but since December I've spent many nights wide awake staring at the ceiling, so fizzy with excitement that I cannot sleep. I thought that I would feel a lot of fear and anxiety by now, but that hasn't set in yet, perhaps it doesn't feel real, perhaps I'll collapse under those feelings a week, or night before I leave, or when I start having to say goodbye gradually to friends and family.

What does all this mean for my blog and YouTube?

Well, I hear that there are some pretty strict rules on accessing all that out there, it extends to Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, so I have no idea what my life will consist of in my spare time? Perhaps I'll go outside? Get some hobbies? Who knows?
For now I have around a month to prepare before I get out there, in the mean time I will be filming videos like a crazy person to pre schedule to upload, preparing blog posts, in between packing and spending as much time in the real world, being able to savour using English and have other people understand me!

I've also heard mutterings of being able to 'get around' such restrictions, I'm hoping frantically that they will materialise into something without like, breaking the law!