Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial Urban Decay Naked Palette 3

Sunday, 16 February 2014

It's such a myth that pink eye shadows are tricky to wear, paired with the right colours and the right amount of blending it is such a gem to have in your arsenal!

This is my most recent look using pinks as a base

A little mini breakdown of what happened is as follows:
1.Eyeshadow base
2. Apply a matte white shade all over the lid
3. Apply a bronze pigment around the outer eye and the outer half of the crease
4. Apply a mild baby matte pink on the middle part of the eye
5. Run a white eyeshadow pencil along the inner corner of the eyes and blend with your finger
6. Apply the matte white shadow on the brow bone
7. Run a white eyeliner along the waterline
8. Use a brown gel liner along the upper lash line and the outer third of the lower lash line
9. Apply mascara
10. A slick of cute pink gloss

You are done!

If you are looking for a little more detail, and 3 and a half minutes - or so of fun, watch the tutorial here!


Peaches and Clean Soap and Glory Review

Thursday, 13 February 2014

I've just finished up using my Nelsons natural face wash. While it's just perfect for my oily skin, the scent is so medicinal despite it being 100% natural that I felt like treating myself to something that would make my nose sing in the morning with the delicious fragrance of my face wash. - Perhaps I take my face washing too seriously...

The answer to what I was looking for came in a beautiful, peach scented creamy face wash from Soap and Glory.
It's name?
Peaches and Clean, their products always have the best names!
It definitely smells like peaches, but perhaps artificial peaches, my initial reaction to smelling this was that it smells like Archers and Lemonade, you know that beautiful sweet drink that kind of tastes like something you had when you were a child? Archers and Lemonade is definitely not for children though, incase you don't know what it is...

As for the cream aspect? It certainly is creamy. I am an oily skinned girl and always have been, but as it is winter time and I felt like giving my skin a bit of TLC I decided to take a break from the gels and foams I normally use. This is lovely and creamy in texture but not too rich, it's certainly appropriate for daily use, and I do, twice daily in fact.
It does not leave my skin with an oily residue like other creamy washes and the smell (Did I mention the smell yet?)
It's sensational, believe me.

If you like a face wash with a good lather behind it (think bubbles and foam galore) then this is not the face wash for you, one thing that this does not do is lather up, it stays transparent to your face and has the texture of rubbing in a moisturiser, except you wash it off after.

A possible drawback of Peaches and Clean is that I may exfoliate my face more often, I get concerned about long term clogging of pores if a face wash doesn't feel like it is stripping my skin of every natural oil each time I use it. Perhaps that is just me.

I got this from Boots online, I can not for the life of me see it in their stores and it cost £5.33!

This face wash is in a huge pump bottle, it's going to take me a long time to get through this, and who knows? Perhaps I'll be sick of the scent by then

But I doubt it!

As seen on TV JML Magic Minerals - Jerome Alexander

Thursday, 6 February 2014

As seen on TV products, they are always entertaining to watch.
I saw the JML Magic minerals and remember thinking that it was just too good to be true and with those type of things, if it looks too good to be true it probably is, and this product was just no different.

The Magic Minerals are essentially a pressed powder with flecks of colour in the pigmentation that claim to do all kinds of magic things such as:

❥ Conceal redness
❥Correct hyper pigmentation
❥Cover blemishes
❥Hide dark circles

The verdict is...
Well I don't want to spoil the ending for you, so I will ink the video below, but if you can't face wathcing it, skip along to the end where I'll so a quick summary for you

So, what is it all about?
The long and short of the situation is that it is a medium coverage pressed powder, similar to any other pressed powder on the market. The flecks of colour I do not believe truly impact how the product looks on your skin, but are there as an aesthetic feature, save yourself the fuss and buy any other pressed powder that you can get in stores and try for yourself before you buy.

The packaging is good, a sturdy compact with a generous sized mirror
❥ There is some element of coverage, but not a great amount

Smells cheap, like out of date makeup or toy makeup from little kits when you were maybe 8 years old
Needs a lot of work to layer up over and over which leaves a powdery finish on the skin and a 'caked' feel
Nothing different about it to any other pressed powder

Not suitable for all skin tones, I'm always 'ivory' on the foundation spectrum and this I can just about get away with for my skin tone but it does have a slightly yellow finish.

Urban Decay Black Market Eyeliners

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An easy way to brighten up and change out the regular eye look that you wear day in, day out is to consider changing your default colour of eyeliner for something else.
Cobalt blue water lines may frighten you a little, but changing a classic black for a maple syrup brown that brings out the warmth in your eyes, 
or for a steel grey to soften the look, 
an inky blue to contrast with brown eyes 
or a khaki green to created subtle twist on a brown neutral eyeshadow

So.. I'm sure that you can tell where I'm going with this, I highly recommend eye colours, lots of them, the more the merrier because it's a great way to change everything without really having to do anything different.
I already have a supply of browns, bronzes, blacks,whites and greys but none Urban Decay and I had heard terrific things about the staying power of UDs so when I saw a set of Black Market liners travel size in a variety of colours I just couldn't resist.
Here is the 411 with swatches, names and up close and personals.

From left to right:
Apathy - Glittery grassy green
Riot- Aubergine purple
West- Bronzey brown
Ink- Deep blue
Black Market- Satin black
Desperation - Steely gray

The consistency of these liners is second to none, beautiful and creamy without smudging, pigmented without movingout of place. These eyeliners are life proof, these swatches did not come off until I got into the shower and then I had to scrub and basically exfoliate my skin off to get rid of the pigment.

But I did notice that as the swatches wore on, one eyeliner became indistguinishable from the other as far as colour is concerned, they all began to look like various shades of grey.

I jsut want to point out at this point that this was a travel set, so they are considerably smaller than your regular eyeliner:

Aaaaand, they do not have a 'twist up' function, so once that nib is gone, it is goooone. Not a whole lot of product for your buck


I got mine from Beauty Bay for £18.20, 25% off! Yippee!