The real easy real cheap makeup brush DEEP CLEANSE

Friday, 5 June 2015

As makeup tools get fancier and makeup becomes longer lasting, companies have realised more than ever a need for a great makeup brush cleaner that will get rid of heavy stains and eliminate bacteria for the everyday makeup wearer. While I am as thrilled as most by different cleaning tools and contraptions we should first identify the difference between a spot clean and a deep clean and be honest to ourselves when a deep clean is calling.

It's simply a matter that takes a long time, especially if you have a sizable collection of brushes because you have to be meticulous with everyone, it also inevitably is followed by cleaning the bathroom sink, since that too will be filthy after every brush deep clean.

Today I am here to cut out the nonsense and to tell you the easiest, cheapest method around with 1 product that you can get anywhere, yes anywhere (did I tell you that I'm living in China right now?)

Lets get started-

1. Gather all dirty brushes from far and wide
the brush is dirty when the fibers are coloured any colour other than the colour of brush hairs, if they've been used at least once, or if they've been sitting around for sometime without being used (dust is bad too ya'no)

2.Squirt a generous dollop of Johnsons Baby Shampoo into a cup (I use my brush holder because it cleans that at the same time!)
actually, any gentle cleanser will work, certainly no cleaning products you'd use in your house, only ones you would use on your skin- add more cleaning product to the cup as you need it

3.Hold the brush under a warm running tap

4. Dunk the brush head into the dollop of shampoo

5.Work those fibres between your fingers
be firm enough to get in the nooks and between the fibres, but gentle enough not to pull out a single hair if you can help it


7. Repeat until your hand is raw from cleaning or you have no brushes left to clean (whichever is first)

It's exactly the same principle except you'll need to dunk and drown that damn sponge in more baby shampoo than you imagine. Work it into the sponge, rinse and repeat until that water runs out the sponge clear. 
Remember: The first squeeze to extract the initial gunk is the most satisfying

8. Tuck your brushes into their little towel bed
I've made a pillow on one side for the handles that is raised so that the water runs out the brush
If your brush is double ended just lay it flat

Leave overnight to dry and thank me, and yourself in the morning !

A moments silence for the brush that didn't make it through this clean today. My Models Own Pencil brush, and he'll be replaced back in the UK

Moving from England to China for a year - The Recap

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It's astounding that a year ago or so I was sat in my bedroom in the UK writing blog posts, hoping that the following year I'd find a way to move to China for a year, and hoping upon hope that I'd find a way to make it through at least a month without running home to Europe, crying most probably. The only way that I got here I can describe as being through a moment of insanity, or lots of little moments of insanity. I applied to ten internships in China, each time that I gathered the courage to send off an application was, I believe, a little insanity moment without pondering too much what might come of it. In this way I learnt a useful lessons, often the best choices are the ones we don't think about too much. All I knew was that I wanted to visit China for a little bit, so I just had to hope that the rest would fall into place.

Afterwards I began reading stories about other expats moving to China for prolonged periods. I'd read through their success stories and the cynic in me would think, that's great for you, you must be that sort of person! Someone who is a natural world traveller and go-getter. I on the other hand, am not... I don't think...

I'd like to point out at this point that I do not consider myself:
  • A seasoned traveller
  • A natural linguist
  • Particularly adventurous

Yet somehow, even I have had the most stupendous, wonderful, exhilarating year that I couldn't ever even imagine. Full of 'pinch me I must be dreaming' moments.
Throughout my stay in China I have filled up two A5 Spiral ring diaries, and hundreds of pages, writing at least a page for every single day I've been here, I didn't miss one! And I didn't tire on reflecting upon the magic of China!

So, can I summarise the year in a single blog post? Not even close, that will be made up of a lot of little posts in time to come, but what I really want to highlight on is how this adventure came to be, due to my slightly reckless, slightly immature, slightly naive approach to
Say 'Yes' and  figure it out afterwards
I'm so thankful, that way back in December 2013 I had a moment of madness to accept an internship in China, and I hope I'm brave enough to ride the waves of mad moments in the future, and I really really hope that you are too, because it makes for the
unregrettable and unforgettable!

I'm moving from England to China

Friday, 27 June 2014

Way back when in 2010 when my hair looked like this

and I was still at school, I went on a ten day trip to China with my mum and sister to visit my brother.
During my short stay China had made a serious impression on me and I wanted to get back as soon as I could, to work, to study I didn't care! I briefly looked into studying at a University in Hong Kong when deciding on universities aged 18, but didn't pursue it beyond looking at their website, I suppose I got daunted by the thought of moving out for the first time without the thought of moving to an entirely foreign country!

So despite this, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to get back and an opportunity arose when my current University offers an integrated placement year into the degree, where I could essentially do anything that I wanted, as long as it was a form of skilled, challenging work!
In November 2013 an opening came about that I fell for, and by January my job for 12 months in China had been confirmed!

I have a one way flight booked and a visa tucked neatly into my passport, I begin work in July and arrive in China a few days before to settle in.

I may be sounding all casual and blah-say about this whole thing when writing it down, but since December I've spent many nights wide awake staring at the ceiling, so fizzy with excitement that I cannot sleep. I thought that I would feel a lot of fear and anxiety by now, but that hasn't set in yet, perhaps it doesn't feel real, perhaps I'll collapse under those feelings a week, or night before I leave, or when I start having to say goodbye gradually to friends and family.

What does all this mean for my blog and YouTube?

Well, I hear that there are some pretty strict rules on accessing all that out there, it extends to Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, so I have no idea what my life will consist of in my spare time? Perhaps I'll go outside? Get some hobbies? Who knows?
For now I have around a month to prepare before I get out there, in the mean time I will be filming videos like a crazy person to pre schedule to upload, preparing blog posts, in between packing and spending as much time in the real world, being able to savour using English and have other people understand me!

I've also heard mutterings of being able to 'get around' such restrictions, I'm hoping frantically that they will materialise into something without like, breaking the law!

New Video: Summer Makeup Tutorial for Acne

Thursday, 29 May 2014

It has been longer than I'd care to admit but a new video has just landed freshly from the bakery of my imagination!

It's a very simple makeup tutorial for the summertime, here I'm using a BB cream which I never really got on board with until now. This one has salicylic acid which was the primary reason that I got it. I can't say that I've noticed it helping my skin, but similarly, I haven't noticed it breaking me out either.

 The standard before shot, the main problematic areas are uneven texture and redness around the chin, by the temples and the forehead.
 As a BB cream it hasn't done a bad job of concealing most of the problems, but I of course had some help from my best friend concealer! I use the heavy stuff by Kryolan that comes in a colour wheel.

Eyeshadow courtesy of the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay!
For step by step, keep watching:

My Tonsillitis Torture (That actually turned out to be Glandular Fever)

Friday, 2 May 2014

Around ten days ago from today I began to feel lethargic and have a muzzy head. Muzzy meaning, a sort of headache, but not a skull thrashing one, the kind of pain in my head that I couldn't even distinguish. I presumed I must be fighting off a cold in its early stages as I had sneezed once or twice in the last few days. Wanting to enjoy my Easter break and see my friends from home I'd take a few paracetamol, that would lower any pain to an ebb and allow me to enjoy the evening. I'd then get home and fall into bed before the effects of the painkillers wore off.

This went on for another two or three days when I came to presume that I was losing my battle with the flu as the pain had spread to a rawness in my throat. I began to drink water like I'd just come out the desert and expected all other common cold symptoms to erupt out, cue the runny nose, trouble breathing and goodbye all ability to taste... but over the next few days these didn't come out. My throat was just getting more and more raw, my inner ear continuing some of that sensitivity but my nasal airways were completely clear. I'd never had simply a sore throat in complete isolation of any mucus mayhem and I just didn't know what was going on. I decided to wait it out a little longer before I worried about it being anything more serious. Over the five days that followed it was progressively unbearable to swallow any water, any food, no matter how squishy- the swallowing reflex is triggered regardless and it felt like shattered glass in my throat every time.

I began uncontrollably dribbling because I was very conscious of any swallowing and couldn't naturally, automatically swallow excess saliva (gross gross, I know). So it would just pour out while I was somewhere between asleep and awake and I, in horror, would wonder what was going on and have to bolt to the bathroom to spit out the rest.
In the night I'd get so sick of getting in and out of bed to spit out saliva I couldn't stand to swallow, I contemplated dragging my duvet to set up camp for the night on the bathroom tiles.
In between all of this my bones ached, my tongue had grown the most hideous fur coat and my temperature was through the roof. I'd fall asleep in a onesie with feet numb and goose bumps only to wake up with sweat dripping off me and changing into a vest top and shorts, hanging my head out the window. I'd take cold showers to cool down and hot baths to heat up, all in the same day.

I'd stopped functioning, when I spoke I sounded like I had a ping pong ball stuffed in my mouth, I just slept all day and I didn't even mind because I couldn't face anything else, I'd have Spotify playlists on really really low all day and all night, maybe a talk show from time to time if I felt lonely at not hearing any voices, but the brightness from any screen was so painful I couldn't bear to watch. Sleeping began to become a problem as whatever angle I fell asleep I'd wake myself up with the most awful, gentle snore erupting from my own mouth that would confuse me and frustrate me until I fell into an exhausted sleep.

A little look into my archive of 'Tonsil Patrol', you can see the bright redness at the back of the throat where it was so irritated and sore. If you look really closely you can see the white blobs sat on the tonsils that are so incredibly painful just being there!
 When I realised I'd essentially turned into a newborn baby (sleeping 18 hours a day, full of dribble, bad at controlling my own body temperature) I couldn't 'wait it out' any longer. I thought I'd just been given the mother of all flu viruses and there's nothing that I could do, but my symptoms were getting progressively worse so I did what any girl in their twenties would do, cry to my mum.

After a speedy trip to the doctors, the kind receptionist looked concerned and I was able to get an emergency appointment there and then. I sat in the GP's office, she wanted to have a look in my mouth, before I opened wide I apologised for the state of my tongue. She glanced in for less than a second before saying:
"You have tonsillitis, very advanced."
Call me crazy, but of all the possible diagnosis that I was not expecting.
 Of course the throat pain and inability to swallow was central to the whole feeling, but I think it was diluted by the bad fever, sore body, painful ears and bad head that the sore throat was just one of many symptoms in the end.

I was prescribed with a 10 day course of Penicillin tablets. 2 tablets taken 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Normally, such grounds would be incredibly inconvenient but my appetite has jumped out of the window and hit every obstacle on the way down. In the past week I've worryingly lost a lot of weight  and it's just too quick and very unhealthy. My head is looking a bit big in proportion to my body and my elbows look particularly pointed, my shoulders and my decolletage are jutting against my skin.

A closer look at the hideous white blobs and you can see the stubborn, disgusting lining on my tongue
Four days later I began to feel so much better already, my temperature was back under control, only spiking in the night if at all, the dribbling has stopped completely (hooray!) and I want to graze here and there, my appetite hasn't caught up with my eyes- when I feel hungry I plate up a normal portion size of food, but when I sit down to eat I'm unimaginably full after two or three spoons, but today is the first time I haven't fallen asleep in the day, my head is clear and I feel mostly good! Using the torch on my phone and a mirror I'm still on 'tonsil patrol' they had very large white spots on them that today for the first day they look slightly, slightly smaller.

UPDATE 23rd May 2014
I had blood tests from the doctor for a different issue entirely and my liver function came back as slightly abormal, the doctor (A different one from the GP who diagnosed me with Tonsilitis) told me that I in fact had obviously endured... Glandular Fever.
A whole different issue entirely. By this point my symptoms are long gone and my weight is slowly gaining back onto my body so it sort of doesn't make a difference to me either way. The only sad thing is that Penicillin has absolutely no impact on Glandular fever so I took that intense course, and my poor body took a medicinal battering for nothing!

This was all a very long winded way of explaining my absence and my upset that I was not able to pre film so many fun videos over the Easter break. I'm behind on all blogging, videoing platforms, but I am healthier! It's such a shame when little inconveniences like this happen and knock us off our feet. Similarly, I know the internet is full of health stories, people love to explain their ailments, it's a bit therapeutic to write it out I must say! But my story didn't resemble any other about tonsillitis that I read, I never considered my symptoms as tonsillitis and so delayed much longer than I should have getting medical intervention, maybe you're in bed right now struggling to look at the computer screen because it burns, and your head is muzzy and your throat feels like it's swollen into your ears. But you're contemplating 'battling through' anyway, I'd urge you to be kinder on yourself, not to consider yourself a nuisance to the doctor and not to underestimate how severe the pain can get!

I realised that I was living alone when...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

When there's no food in the fridge, there is no food in the fridge and no matter how many times I open and close that fridge door a beautiful cheesecake will not appear on the shelf that has only a half empty container of dip.

Unless someone walks with the pace of urgency at all times they deserve a stern 'look'

The never ending circle of wanting a pet but realising how cruel it would be to have it live in the confines of your teeny tiny living space

Food shopping becomes a sport in its own right, carrying the wight, the handles cutting into your fingers in the cold, promising yourself I will order online next time

I only need to iron something if it looks it needs an iron, and then I'll probably choose to wear something else

If I must iron, the carpet is a perfectly adequate as an ironing board
Sometimes, you do just find yourself having to walk home alone at night and praying that you won't be preyed upon

My clothes fresh from the wash don't smell like meadows or flower fields, but instead feel crunchy, like cardboard

There's more and more and many more moments of realisation I had that I was living alone, by myself in a city - not all bad!
Then I look at pictures like this one and feel so gushy that I get to live in this city

Lumie Clear Acne Light- Review, First Impressions, Before & Afters

Saturday, 5 April 2014

The long awaited Lumie Clear Acne light review! This is by no means a cheap product and deserved a whole review in it's own right. It is a light with a self timer of 15 minutes that activates when pressing a power button. The light is then shone on the face for the entire 15 minute duration, during which time the light is supposed to do all kind of great things including kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and generally a whole host of great things. It's an unusual product and one that I hadn't heard a lot about, however I'd seen some really great reviews and made the plunge.

The pros and cons turned out to be as follows:

Lightweaight product that is very portable
Reduction of whiteheads (presumably down to it bacteria killing properties)
Non contact, so great for sensitive skin

The price... Over £100!
Time consuming, 15 minutes per day, which sometimes could take up to 1 hour once I had dedicated 15 minutes to each portion of my face
Results are slow, and quite unspectacular - I dedicated 4 months to this baby, and by dedicated I mean dedicated like my life depended on it.

 If 9 more minutes of spending time with me (i.e wathcing the video above) makes you feel like you want to pull your hair out then I will give you the summary as follows: This is a last resort product due to the price, I found the results to be too small to justify the price and had I known I would not have purchased this one... sad faces all around...

EPIC ASOS Spring 2014 HAUL!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I am not proud, but not ashamed enough to not put this up on the itnernet for everyone to see.
But there was a huge hiccup in my brain, and essentially I just stole money from myself, threw it at the internet and lots of beautiful dresses, trousers and jumpers popped out at me. It was quite magical really.

The 8 minutes and 55 seconds are well justified, I manage to cram a lot in!

Just in case you see anything that you just love and have to have it for yourself, here are the links to aaaaalll ASOS goodies in order!- snap 'em up before they're gone!

Pink Crop Trousers:

Floral Jacquard Trousers:

Lipsy Strapless Black Dress:

Black Dress with Laddered Back:

Floral Long Sleeved Dress:

Denim and Rose Print Strappy Sundress:

Really Boring Pencil Skirt:

Blue Shirt with Pink Lace Heart:

Colour Block Dress Navy/Burgundy:

Black Skirt with Peplum hem:

Teddy Bear Coat:

Champagne and Navy Embellished Dress:

Black Peplum skirt (That is a little on the crazy side)

Polka dot strappy top:

Lilac scallop edge shorts:

Fruit Tee:

How to: Flawless Makeup Base for Acne and blemishes

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

If you are on the ball, which I know that you are otherwise why else would you be here?
You may have seen my 'Flawless Makeup base for Acne' tutorial - Say that 5 times fast

I skipped the eye makeup filming as you've seen a lot of the same before. It's a funny thing, when I started implementing a skin primer into my routine I didn't ever really notice a difference, it's not until I accidentally forget it that I notice my foundation just does not sit right and my blemishes just look more gross, more bulbous and more hideous than they ever have done, so if you learn nothing from this video it is that Primers should not be underestimated!

Just because everyone likes pictures, here is a little before and after for you:

Magical transformation...
All attempts at sophistication fall flat once you stray away from the forefront to the cartoon filled background... yes Mr Men bed sheets, Hello Kitty Posters...

Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial Urban Decay Naked Palette 3

Sunday, 16 February 2014

It's such a myth that pink eye shadows are tricky to wear, paired with the right colours and the right amount of blending it is such a gem to have in your arsenal!

This is my most recent look using pinks as a base

A little mini breakdown of what happened is as follows:
1.Eyeshadow base
2. Apply a matte white shade all over the lid
3. Apply a bronze pigment around the outer eye and the outer half of the crease
4. Apply a mild baby matte pink on the middle part of the eye
5. Run a white eyeshadow pencil along the inner corner of the eyes and blend with your finger
6. Apply the matte white shadow on the brow bone
7. Run a white eyeliner along the waterline
8. Use a brown gel liner along the upper lash line and the outer third of the lower lash line
9. Apply mascara
10. A slick of cute pink gloss

You are done!

If you are looking for a little more detail, and 3 and a half minutes - or so of fun, watch the tutorial here!