Maths in the morning

Friday, 30 November 2012

I have a saturday maths test

Test, on a Saturday!?

It's very cruel but there's nothing I can do

So I'm sat here with a million sheets. I picked up my phone to take a picture to show you but they all look so depressing and grim I just didn't take a picture at all because I thought what would be the point!?

Instead I'll show you what I'm eating as my snack


Raisins, with a teaspoon

I can't find any chocolate, or anything sweet at all so I settled for raisins, which are a bit too sticky and kind of making my tongue feel weird.

Cramming woop de woop!

I feel your pain if you're cramming too

Or if you have an exam tomorrow and you need to study, watch my video for all kinds of help with that!

Lets go to the movies: Paranormal Activity

Thursday, 29 November 2012

It took a lot of persuasion, a lot.


I can remember being in the car with my mum when the over the radio listeners were calling in saying things like "I've not let my boyfriend leave the house for two weeks I'm so scared to sleep alone"

I remember saying to my mum, 'my goodness, I would never watch that what's the point of putting yourself through it?'

That was when paranormal activity was just coming out in cinemas.

Now, 3 years on I was persuaded that it would be a 'good idea' that it would stop me being so scared- I am a super scaredy cat and that I would 'toughen up' to these kind of things.

I was even told that it's 'not that scary at all' which I was sure couldn't be true.

Now I'm not here to show off, or to try and portray that I am some kind of horror movie machine because I am not, I am the wimpyest of the wimps, The Children of the Corn still gives me nightmares.

But Paranormal Activity was the biggest anti climax for me ever.

I wasn't scared, I even yawned, I turned to my friend and said 'When is something going to happen??'

However, I can understand how it could be scary in a cinema atmosphere so here are a few reasons why I think I was not scared by Paranormal Activity:

I think I get very very easily scared by the power of music in the background of something, if there's scary background music even if it's on the shot of daisies growing in the field I would still find that scary. As paranormal activity is going for a 'realist' thing, there was no scary music.

I am the easiest person in the world to make jump and that's what usually gets me in horror films and there was absolutely no jumpyness in this.

There were no 'creepy' camera angles, you know the kind when the camera is done so that it looks as though you are looking through the 'baddies' eyes

The talcum powder foot prints looked like giant duck feet so then I couldn't stop laughing for a little while

Not having much luck with films as of late, give me some suggestions!

The Lady of Shallot

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I went to a museum and was struck by the size of this beautiful painting, it was huge, I loved the small details in it, like the quilt draped over the boat, the candles, the wreath in her hair, the isolated magpie and golden detailing on her sleeve.

So I wondered what story is behind this?

I read, and it's like a magical fairy story, or a dark and twisted Disney Princess story, so I decided today, or tonight if it's night when you're reading this could be story time.

I'm going to tell you the sotry of the lady of Shallott...

The Lady of Shallot lives in a castle but is cursed by a myserious curse. Her curse means that she cannot look out into the real world, she must only see the world through a mirror. Instead she weaves images into her loom all day long and only glances out her window through a mirror to watch people pass by. But one day 'Sir Lancelot' rides by looking all bold, courageous and wonderful- the Lady of Shallot sees him, she could not help herself but to glance outside at him. The mirror cracks all over and she knows that the effects of the curse are upon her. Knowing her fate, she leaves her tower to find a rowing boat and sits in it, letting it float down the river. She arrives at Camelot where Sir Lancelot sees her body in the boat and says "God in his mercy lend her grace"

I didn't tell you that it was a happy story... maybe I should have warned you. If they made this into a Disney film I'm sure the prince would have found a way to break the curse!

The picture is really famous, I feel very lucky to have seen it in the flesh, it's so wonderful I wish I had a wall big enough to display it!

My Problem(s) with the Urban Decay Primer Potion

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Urban Decays Primer potion is marketed...and not helped by a trillion youtubers supporting this idea... is marketed as the creme de la creme of eyeshadow primers when it simply and truly isn't.

Maybe you like it, maybe you love it but have you tried any others in the same price bracket before you know for certain that Urban Decay are the queens of preserving your freshly applied eyeshadow?

Here's the lowdown on why I don't like it:
It's overpriced and does not feel rich luxurious or silky on my skin as some people have described it. Actually, it's got a watery or a cheap moisturiser feel to it and as someone who has oily skin, the last thing I want is something to make my eyelids feel greasy.

The applicator is plain weird (I understand they've now changed this bottle design and thank goodness) a lipgloss appliocator is not appropriate for an eye primer, the warmth of the finger is much better, or something with a larger surface area as our eyelids have a larger area to cover than our lips, something that is not like weaponry to our eye being so sharp and pointy.

The bottles were a complete rip off once upon a time, there used to be over half the product left hidden in the smooth curves that make the packaging look like a majestical potion

Urban Decay Primer potion is not worth the hype, try some cheaper ones first, maybe L'oreal and see if you like them, what you like about them and try to find that in the more expensive brands if you decide to invest. I'm glad I only got the sample size free with the naked palette

Lola- Your walls new best friend!

Monday, 26 November 2012

I saw this product and had to do a little blog post because the idea is so stinkin' cute!

It's a coathanger in the shape of beautiful doll-faced Lola!

She wears your favourite dress that is too beautiful to be hidden in a wardrobe and should decorate your walls every day!

I think this is such a fun idea,

they are handmade in London and the plastic to make the hangers is such a deliciously creamy colour, this is such a great gift for someone who is really artsy or into fashion or the girl-with-everything
Only available from:

Super Duper cute!

Hope you enjoyed.

We all know what is 1 month away today!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

"The best way of spreding Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!"

If you're not feeling so cheerful, then take heed of that advice
It really is true!
The other day I sung 'Silent Night' in German the first lines as I remember them are...
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht....
My german friend was not impressed because I couldn't remember the next lines so just sang:
'Guuuuuuten Taaaag, Hallelujaaaaah'

Anywho, I have not got any decorations up here at university, though we are going to have a big Christmas dinner together which should be very fun and festive I think we will make a whole day of it, like a pre christmas before 'the' Christmas
A german Christmas market has come to town, with little wood log cabins serving cookies, pretzels, mulled wine, gnomes and other trinkets
I took a little picture of the lights above me, it was fuzzy because everywhere was so busy I couldn't stay still enough to take a pretty picture.

I hope you're feeling festive and I am learning this year moreseo than previous years as this year I am on a 'student budget' that it really and truly is not about lavish and expensive presents, the people that you love are overjoyed on Christmas to be with you, or for much simpler gifts
Example from my real life:
I've made my Grandparents a CD of songs that I think they will like (old and new, classical and modern) which cost me £0 because I already own the songs and the blank discs

Lets go to the movies: Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2

Saturday, 24 November 2012

I was really looking foward to this, I don't really really love the Twilight series, I've not read any of it but I sort of wanted to see how the story ended and I'd seen all of them in cinema so thought there was no point in breaking that tradition with the last one.

At the start I thoguth things were pretty good, in the first sort of ten minutes I am no 'film expert' or 'media-brain' but the filming sempt a bit different, maybe that was just in my head, but the style of filming looked more unnatural? is that the right word?
Maybe I should have thoguht about what I was going to type before I typed it... but basically I mean that some filming shots are kind of realistic looking as though you are looking in on real life, which I thought was sometimes the case with the Twi-trilogy, but in this film there were a lot less 'natural' shots and a lot more..abstract?

Phew glad I got that out, finally.


I was kind of yawning, things were a bit dull, a bit slow and not very exciting, everything was slow progress and some parts pointless... did we really need to see more smooching between Edward and Bella?

At one point I turned to my friend who came with me to see Breaking Dawn pt 2 and actually mouthed 'sorry' because I had begged and begged that we see it and said that I was almost certain it was going to be spectacular, and it wasn't

Another odd thing was the weird relationship the rest of the cinema seemed to have with the film that I was completely isolated from, there were some one liners, or just moments that the audience would crack up laughing as though they knew or understood some sub text or context within the film that I didn't, perhaps it's because I havent read the books? Perhaps it's because I wasn't very engrossed? Eitherway I wanted to be 'in' on what felt like a private joke but I just wasn't, which was kind of sad.

Then the twist, ah the twist, the magica; 'twist' everyone told me was really what made this film special.

Without giving it away- my opinion on the twist is that I wish it wasn't there, those who have seen the film will hopefully get what I mean, a good finale has lots of weight, emotion both victories AND tragedies.

Thumbs down for Breaking Dawn Part 2

Don't press on my stomach

Friday, 23 November 2012

So it's Friday and I'm about to share with you a food-based crime that has taken place tonight
Actual, real criminal activity.
I saw this gateau in the freezer at the supermarket and for the sweet ol' deal of £1-something-p it was off home with me.
The gateau probably says on the side that it serves 8, maybe 12 people.
Tonight, I'm ashamed to say this served 2

I can't even tell you that I had the smaller half, the halves were even and I gobbled it up!
The delicious creamy icing, the wonderful chocoalte mousse like filling
wah it was so good.
But now I'm paying the price and am about 10 seconds away from falling into a food-coma
(One of those naps that you just have to have when you're so god damn full and the only way to not feel so gross and like a lump is to sleep it off)

It's going to be fun fitting into christmas party dresses!

Video killed the radioooo star!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Yay it's new video time.

It's a very hands-on direct experiment between the Urban Decay primer potion, and MAC paint pot.

I rub and pull at my eyes like there's no tomorrow, to deliver you the most scientific and accurate experiment ever! Sort of...

We've got high tech wind machines, rain, see me shed a tear, persistant blinking, and all the eye traumas that you could ever imagine- all in the name of fabulous looking eyeshadow.


Who do you think won?

I think MAC has the edge on the before and afters but it's a close one

Too late to talk

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's late, I'm tired and I want to be here:

But instead I'm here:

At my desk.. that's a juicy shot of the back of my head 'woohoo' the thought of a picture of my face terrifies me at this obscene hour, and maybe it would terrify you too!

I'm up late gettting into the swing of all this 'work' and 'studying' stuff but also editing a really fun video to be posted tomorrow as I won't get the oppertunity to post it on the weekend.

Once again the video took 3 attempts to film- what is it with me and having to film everything three times? Maybe I should just stare at the camera the first two attempts in silence, so all my energy is saved for the third and only usable footage.

Up til' the early hours but hoping you sleep well tonight ~ woo woo

Lets go to the movies: Ted

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I watched Ted because it had a cute teddy in it, that literally was the only reason, I thought the teddy was cute and I wanted to watch it despite everyone telling me that he really isn't all that cute.

The first five minutes or intro of the film were like the beginning of some magical kids film, it told the story of how Ted came to be, and how he is magical enough to talk, it like melted my heart!
Then you flash foward like 20 years to the future and he's picked up some much less cute habits... including hookers, drugs, swearing all that kind of stuff, but I just had to let that stuff go over my head.

I didn't laugh a whole lot because it wasn't really my kind of humour, but I loved the cute teddy bear and his different outfits.

There's a scene where he wears a suit for a job interview and oh my gosh he just looked adorable! He's all tubby and cuddly looking I just wanted to squeeze him!

As the story goes on Ted's like #1 creepy fan tries to steal him, and the story gets a whole lot more sinister, for the past ten minutes of the film I actually cried, solidly, real tears! I can't say why because it will give it away, but it really made me weep, I just freakin' love that bear!

To sum up:
I cried a lot more than I laughed at this film, and probably liked it for all the wrong reasons, but gosh darnit I want a life-sized Ted plush


Move over BB cream, that is SO last year!

Monday, 19 November 2012

BB cream has just become a commonplace beauty product that a lot of people think is a 'must have'

I never fell for BB creams like a lot of people seemed to, but I like a full coverage foundation, and BB creams were always jsut a little too tame for what I liked.


here is the next step fowards from BB creams which stand for 'Blemish/Beauty balm'

CC creams...

I know next year it will be DD creams, then by the time I'm an old granny We'll be on ZZ creams or maybe BB creams will come back in fashion as a 'vintage beauty favourite' Who knows? Haha!

CC stands for Colour control/ Colour correction

It's a lot more on evening out your skin tone and those dark spots, it still has SPF in it too but also vitamin C which is to help fade the skin.

The lowdown on the texture:
It's reported to be much lighter than BB cream- which means that I probably won't be a fan of this either..

No word of when it will be available in the UK but here's a little looky at the brands that have come out with a bandwagon CC cream!


Sunday Comfort food

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Toad in the hole is up there with my huge 'comfort food' dinners, it's essentially just stodge and sausages- I was never allowed it at home because it's kind of a greasy meal and really not my mums type of meal.

But here's my sneaky recipe for a delicious toad in the hole, it would feed about 2/3 people, maybe 4 little portions if you added veg to the side too

- heat your onion to 22o degrees celcius/ gas mark 9

-put 1 1/2 mugs of plain flour, 3 beaten eggs and a little splosh from a 1/2 mug of milk.

- Do a little mix, when it's come together but looks a little dry, add the rest of the milk and keep mixing with a fork or a whisk until the mixture looks like single cream, if it's just not happening and is way too dry, add water a little at a time.

-Get a casserole dish and do a little swoosh of oil around it, and lay out about sis sausages and place it in the oven for about 5 minutes

-Take the dish out and pour the batter in, on top of the sausages and put it back in the oven.

-Leave it for 25 minutes and it should rise and go all fluffy and delicious!

-Mix up some gravy if you like, cook some veg and serve


Beaches on a Saturday night

Saturday, 17 November 2012

It is still super duper freezing cold here, but if we're heading out on a Saturday night I may aswell dress as though it's the middle of Summer- once you get inside it feels like it is the sweatiest summer ever anyway.

My top has Brighton Pier spread across it, I really like this top because it is basically just a giant photograph. Walking along the street would be a much brighter place if everyone wore beautiful photographs printed on the front of clothes, I love looking at amazing photographs and would want to see them walking along the street I think.

This style reminds me sort of of those Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk that were so popular, it's because the picture on them was truly beautiful- who doesn't love to look at the stars?

The top itself is from good ol' Primark, the shorts I beleive were Primark too and are coming up to 5 years old probably.

Tights from Pretty Polly at New Look and heels from Ebay!

On my eyes I'm wearing a blue-grey smokey eye Ooh La La!

New Video! Neutral Weekend!

Friday, 16 November 2012

If there's anything more fun than filming a video once, it's refilming and editing another two times!

I'm just joking
it made me want to rip my own hair out and snap the memory card in half
but thankfully I didn't
and the once time that the video was actually functioning I quickly rushed to get it uploaded before something went wrong again

So although early, but better early than never at all:
Nearly Naked Makeup Tutorial!

Very pretty look that is kind of my 'everyday' look, especially on the days where I'm feeling less colourful.
I use the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and a fluffy brush, smaller tipped brush, angled eyeshadow brush and a blending brush but of course you can use dupes of all my tools and eyeshadows.
I hope you enjoy it!

P.S Turn your volume up because my voice was on it's way out when I filmed the first part of this video.

What 'chu looking at?!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

If there was ever anything that you needed to cheer you up on a Thursday so that you can make it through until the weekend it would be this:

The cheerful and wonderful surprise of a sunshine yellow rubber duck magically appearing in your bath
I didn't put him there
You didn't put him there
So he must have swam there!

The thing that makes it even better than a regular rubber duck

is that he's the size of about 20 rubber ducks and too big for my bath!

He's like a ray of sunshine on a not-so-fun day

(I think he's a 'he' for sure... I just get the feeling)

Bathtime with Ducky and an early bedtime for me!

Golden Girl!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maybe more a champagne coloured dress, than golden...

but if you've read my blog before then you will have seen me wear this very dress to a wedding, but when are musical note dresses really out of fashion?

Well...when were they ever really in fashion I guess!

Oh well, maybe that's the tip to never being out of fashion, never be in fashion in the first place!

This time I wore the dress with golden eye makeup, all courtesy of the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, but I sure wished I had a Barry M Dazzle Dust in gold to go over the top of the shadow, that would have doubled the golden factor

So there you go that's my super quick because I'm out the door 'Outfit of the Evening'

Heels £10 Ebay

Dress £6 Ebay

total outfit cost= £16

How do you know if a resturant is fancy?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I think it's usually by the plates, if the plates look fancy pants then the place you are in is probably fancy pants


If the plates all seem like mundane white, china circles then you can't tell the fancy from the 'unfancy'

So the next best step to telling is by what little 'nibbles' are left on the table, some nice places leave free bread, which I almost always indulge in, with those little rectangles of butter, because I do not buy butter like that at home I have the stuff made of non-milk produts which is a lot lighter but less tasty.

Or olives, which I also over-indulge in, the green ones not the black ones.

But today I went to Cafe Rouge which is one of my favourite chain resturants, but the only problem with it is that the titles of the dishes are in french, the description is in English though, but I suppose I should embrace the culture, especially with it being a french restaurant.

Since no nibbles were left for us, we got a breadboard to share which was super delicious, but I wish I'd taken a picture of my meal!


It was chicken, with vegetables in the creamiest sauce imaginable, it was so-super delicious but I ate it before I remembered to snap a picture of it, and for dessert... creme brulee

My mouth is drolling for more of taht wonderful custardy-ness at an exceptionally late hour

Video Tutorial: Highlighting with Makeup

Monday, 12 November 2012

Here it is:

My long delayed part 2 to the 'contouring and highlighting' videos

The countring video went up a while back...

the highlighting one was put up today


(That rhymed)

It's very short too but hopefully you think it's jam-packed with fun!

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Sleepy Sunday

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The evening is drawing in on another sleepy Sunday and you want something to suit the mood?

You could drop over to Stereomood to find endless songs to match with a sleepy Sunday or you could hang around here for a while and see if I can deliver something sweet to your ears.

Together we can put off that Monday 'dread' feeling and enjoy the fact that today is Sunday still!

A day of rest, so rest your eyes and listen to this...



The XX - Angels, very mellow, slow and has the rhythm of a slow ticking clock.

The words are very very special too


Passenger- Never let her go, be careful of putting this one on repeat as when the day comes that you kill it, that will be a sad day instead. I love the easy-to-hear lyrics, and sweet melody. The twinkly piano at the start reminds me of Winter or Christmas too

Happy listening, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Harrods Disney Christmas Window London 2012

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I am a sucker for Disney and I probably always will be, so I was bubbling over with excitement when I came across the design sketches for the Christmas window display for Harrods.

The theme is 'grown up' Disney princesses which is such a fun concept and interesting to see a more mature version of the Disney princesses as in the films they are all adolescents.

I present to you.. the Disney queens:

Ariel from The little Mermaid by Marchesa
"A chic and elegant deep blue silk evening gown has been beautifully crafted to combine luxurious draped fabrics, which perfectly embody modern feminine style – capturing Ariel’s adventurous under-the-sea spirit."

Cinderella by Versace
“‘You shall go to the ball’, in a stunning contemporary interpretation complete with golden layers, a tiara, a bold statement-necklace and of course, glass slippers – emblazoned with the iconic Versace medusa motif.”

Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab
“Encapsulating the natural grace and innocence of Aurora, this beautiful gown in pale pink is embellished with scattered exquisite beading.”

Repunzal by Jenny Packham
“A magical dress in pale grey adorned with incredible beading that should never be locked away.”

Jasmine from Aladdin by Escada
“An exotic fuchsia silk chiffon gown encompasses the fiery beauty of Jasmine, complete with an extravagant golden flower belt.”

Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli
“Featuring soft, golden and natural earthy colours, this gown incorporates prints evocative of dream catchers with pearl detailing. The lightness of a feather and the wings of a butterfly, it is perfect for a princess in love with freedom.

Mulan by Missoni
“A land of silk and jade has inspired this oriental kimono-style dazzling creation, that features bold turquoise shades and red detailing.”

Belle from Beauty and The Beast by Valentino“A fantasy-like dress in silk chiffon with a sheer hooded cape and layers of exquisite pleats, is accessorised with bespoke signature studded flats and a silver flower bag.”
 Tiana from The Princess and the Frog by Ralph & Russo
“A dream come true, this mint evening gown with a sweetheart neckline and mesh overlay, features scattered crystals that cascade into a layered tulle skirt.”
Snow White by Oscar de la Renta
“‘Someday your prince will come…’ This silk gown is divine with intricate embroidery across the bodice and a floor-sweeping cape in signature red.”

My favourite is Repunzels dress, I would serisouly wear it out I think it's just gorgeous and stunning, I want to make it or something, it's so wonderful!
If I can't get to London before christmas, hopefully my mum will so I can ask her to take pictures for me, if I get them, I will of course share!

Evening walks and Handmade burgers

Friday, 9 November 2012

I went for an afternoon of walking around the city, but the afternoons get dark so quick here it feels like evening any time after 3pm.

I thought the city looked so pretty at night, there were water fountains with glowing blue lights that were so amazing, my camera couldn't catch a nice piture and all it shows is a blue blur- so you'll have to imagine...

and pretty statues infront of museum-looking houses

maybe the most magical part was dinner...

We went to the Handmade Burger Co who basically sell burgers (obviously) in every kind of variety imaginable, and they taste so good, and to be completely honest they're only a few £ more than a KFC or Mc Donalds meal and the quality is better, they fill you up for longer too (It has been 6 hours since I ate this burger and I still feel completely stuffed)

I had the:

Jimmy's beef cheese and bacon, which had mature cheddar, bacon, caramelised onion relish, mayo and salad.

It was like a mini monster, I never usually go for the meals with different types of meats and big bulky burgers, usually I have the Beef Milano which has pesto in it, mozzarella, mayo and rocket and then I ask for a flat mushroom to be put in too.

Next time I am dying to try their Lamb and mint burger, I love lamb, I love mint what's not to love!

If you are a vegetarian you are probably squirming at the thought of this menu, but they have gret veggie options too, like the falafel love falafels!

NO PAIN ear piercing!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I spotted the coolest earring in Republic today, maybe it's old news in the land of earring design, but I looove it.
It's an earring with a tiny gold chain connected to a cuff, which wraps around the top of the ear, you can get that part of your ear pierced but I never fancied the pain.

But what makes this one so extra special is the three feathers hanging so prettily below the ear in a kind of gradient type thing, hanging from more pretty delicate gold chains.

It cost the sweet ol' price of £6 and was the last on the display

You can see in the picture that I'm sporting my 'A' earrings, y'know incase I forget what my name begins with or something, or say one of my friends needs a little prompt as to what my name is haha

Wearing this makes me feel like an egyptian or aztec, or like I am from some other exotic time period where fancy and elaborate gold jewellery was all the rage

Chamonix fan-caay

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

This is my first outfit that I bought with winter in mind, even though the tshirt is the focus, and tshirts are not the best for winter wear, but I just loved the snowy scene on it.

I got it from Forever21 about 2 weeks ago, and I went in there last week and couldn't see it- but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or the stock has been all switched around.
The top itself is kinda baggy, this is the smallest size and it's still like a nightshirt on, but I tuck it into my jeans to give it a little more shape.
The front texture is a silky fabric, and the back a thin white cotton- the scene on the front is just like the snowy mountains in Chamonix, which is a magical place in France.
It's not literally magical, but it feels like it is as it's far away from anything and people live in actual log cabins, like in Hansel and Gretel!

Also, all the time you are surrounded by snow topped mountains even when it's super warm, water trickles down them and it's so pure you can drink it.

So as you have probably guessed- this shirt captured my heart!

For the rest of the outfit I tucked it into a pair of inky blue jeans, im wearing a white vest underneth the top and blck cardgian over the top for extra layers, then a leather-looking jacket over the top of that.

On my feet are my trusty black ankle boots.

On my eyes I'm wearing Chaos from the Urban Decay Vice palette in the crease and blended it out a lot as the blue colour is super duper bright.

Then in the corner of my eye I'm wearing a matte brown, and a light colour on the browbone. I thsould be blended enough to not look electric blue on your eye but like a pretty wintery-midnight blue.

Hooray for Chamonix (pronounced sham-oh-neigh)

Lets cook! ~ Tuna Pasta and other fun things!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's cooking time again!


This one takes about 25 minutes all in all and costs about £1.70 in total with all the ingredients, it will serve up 2 healthy sized portions!

You need:

1 mug of pasta

2 mugs of frozen peas

185g can of tuna (the little, flat cans)

200g pot of creme fraiche

a little sprinkling of cheese

Chuck the pasta and the peas into a pot of boiling water, once they're cooked drain them and return them to the pan.

Drain the oil from the tuna can and add it to the pan, along with the creme fraiche, maybe some pepper if you'd like, or lemon juice.

Mix it all together, gently so that the tuna doens't turn into mulch

Serve up, sprinkle with cheese, eat and make appropriate sounding yummy noises


Catching Fireworks

Monday, 5 November 2012

Did you see any fireworks tonight?
These were the ones from my window, I just leaned on the ledge and filmed them, then cut out the boring parts and just kept in the most amazing and beautiful ones.

The best part? I got to be all snug in my jammies while watching a beautiful light dance in front of me

I was far enough away to have an amazing view, and not to get deafened by the bangs but close enough to see every fleck and burst of colour crystal clear.

If for whatever reason, you couldn't get out to see a firework display tonight on Bonfire night then I hope that you enjoy this and feel like you are right there watching too!


Unlike other fireworks that dissolve away into the night never to be seen again, these are caught forever and will re-glitter and re-burst into colour over and over again!

Sauntering through Selfridges

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I am a self confessed Selfridges window shopper, it's the fanciest department store I've ever been to, and I don't think I've ever bought a single thing from there.

I could probably afford a bottle of water from there, but there's no reason to pay that much for a bottle of water in the first place!

Since they had their christmas stock in (yayy!)

I had a little look around, some of the stuff is so darn cute and christmassy!

I came across this amazing advent calendar, it was so thick for an advent calendar and had little chocolate bears in it.

And this stiletto tower, all the shoes were made entirely of chocoalte and then dusted in some coloured powder, I think they were kind of expensive though considering you can't even wear them

then maybe my favourite was this beautiful gingerbread house! It has a little icing family outside and icicles hanging off the roof- I woulnd't want to eat it, partly because it's too precious, and partly because I don't like gingerbread...

And finally, I thought the packaging on this iced coffee was so fun and festive, it has a little iced roof on the carton and I bet it tastes amazing and christmassy if you like gingerbread

I'm a little excited for christmas now, I bought my first gift today!
I hope this made you a little excited about Christmas!

Post-Birthday presents!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's been a month since my birthday but it still feels like my birthday as there was some delayed arrivals!

This is the delayed arrivals a la my sister!

A bottle of palmers cocoa butter- I love this stuff, as does so many other people, it truly is delicious. I used to only have a baby sized bottle that I used up a long time ago, but now I have this lusciously huge bottle to last me a whole lot longer! I put some on and walked in the kitchen and someone went 'ooh, who smells like hot chocolate?'

Neutrogena Pink grapefruit face scrub, which I may say smells like a fruity dream and is very good for oily skin like mine, and coulnd't have come at a better time as my Oxy face scrub is just about used up

Two, yes two pots of Burts bees banana hand cream, which I've blogged about previously and how much I love it, and my container for that is just about empty too so now I have two as back ups!

Some Burts Bees lip balm which is very appropriate for the chilly weather that seems very relentless up here

Neutrogena face wipes- especially good for nights when you can't quite make that trip to the sink to wash your makeup off

Nautically wonderful, stretchy leggings from Republic

A makeup mirror with one side having a 5x zoom! Hello blocked pores..

and the grand finale gift...

A Liberty Hello Kitty gift set

It's seriously wonderful, and comes with Hello Kitty face scrub, bubble bath, moisturiser, spray, wash mitten, eye mask etc... It's wonderful, and the scent isn't sickly sweet like you might think, it's actually sophisticated and lovely. Inside the case is a mirror, and the print on the outside has Hello Kitty's face hidden in it. It's so beautiful, I don't know where to display it!

Hooray for birthdays, even if your birthday was a month ago!