Zombie Simple Video Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, 31 October 2013

It's very easy to be tricked into believing that to dress up in horror style makeup then specialist makeup will be needed, even if it is just face paint and some fake blood.
Well, I am here to tell you that is false! I can prove it!
There is no need to spend the money on these things only for them to dry up in 2 months and never to be used again.

So if you are:
-Last minute on costume ideas

-Want a scary zombie look without the scary price tag

then I have a video just for you!

Some comments have said that I resemble more a person abusing illegal substances... which is fine, I suppose, that is equally horrifying to me I suppose!

This delightful look follows straight on from the previous video... where I transform into that china doll that your grandmother owns that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you want to start at the very beginning then take a look at this video first:


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I am suuuper late on the Instagram bandwagon, so late that I didn't actually start posting until today.
I am really rather enjoying it!
So far I've posted a picture of Lana Del Rey (mandatory)
A cute animal (also mandatory)
and some Hello Kitty bits and pieces

I do need to get the hang of this whole 'tagging' malarky, or hash tagging, it throws me off a little as basically anything can be hashtagged.
Instagram kind of reminds me of Pinterest, but a little more refined and less ambitious... if that makes sense?

I'll share with you a few little magical treats from my Insta-stream
before I tumble into a long deep sleep, I still have my next installment in my Halloween costume tutorial videos to upload! I'm getting there, give me a chance...

I really think that this place could rival Disneyland (From what I've seen which extends no further than a Google image search)

Now you never have to look at anything cute ever again for the rest of your life and you'd still have cuteness left over

She was the soundtrack to my Summer, and now, accidentally, my life too.

 Isn't it funny how filters make everything look better?

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Easy Creepy Plastic Barbie Princess China Doll

Friday, 18 October 2013

There's a whole lot of directions that this look can take you,

You want to be a Barbie? Check!

You want to be a Pageant Queen? Check!

You want to be a fairy princess? Check

You want to be a China doll? Check, check

A major contributing factor besides the makeup is the creepy expression that you put with it. That can make it all the more horrifying.

If you're looking for a costume that is eerie without being gory or needing any specialist products then this is a look to consider. You can still look yourself, and glamorous but just a little more 'frozen in time' and maybe disturbed.

If this is a little on the tame side for you, then watch until the end for a little hint of what's coming next week...then think of this as the part 1 transformation video to something altogether more disturbing...

New video: Pumpkin Spice- New Room - New haircut!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

So I cut off all my hair and moved house, all in under twleve days!
It's been crazy here, as I was utterly ecstatic to cut my hair off, I had only been growing it out for 'the' wedding, and now It's over I'm delighted to have my short hair back, I am just not a long haired gal, it's too fussy, too much and too bland for me. I was practically giddy in the hairdressers chair and giggling with excitement when she did the first big 'chop' to hear the snip and see the chunk of hair dropping to the floor.
 The very next day...
I moved back to University, as the Summer is officially over!
I am thrilled to be back in the city that I love, living in a new house with my nearest and dearest friends.
My room has a lot that needs doing to it before it will be 'my' room but it's a working progress and I'm getting there.

Here's my new vid of the rest of the academic year, You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you?

I called it Pumpkin spice as I was inspired to use some orange eyeshadow from Bare Minerals that I had hardly touched.
I love this, and it's a great alternative to taupe's and browns for a neutral every day look.

My 20 years on Earth

Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm taken aback at myself, I am embarking on a brand new decade, my twenties. This is by far the scariest one yet, probably- Although I've only lived through another decade previous so I haven't much to compare it to.
I associate early twenties with living in lots of different flats, trying to carve some sort of beginnings to a career path, but really waitressing while I figure that out, then somewhere towards the end of my twenties (really really near the end) thinking about finding someone to spend significant periods of my life with, and then maybe forever, and then maybe a mortgage? A ring? A family?
It seems crazy that I could be in that position in under ten years, or that I'd be ready for that sort of madness.

If I could speak to myself ten years ago, and I really wish that I could, I would say so many things to make the journey from age 10 to age 20 that much sweeter.
I think I would tell myself most importantly to do what it is that I would like, I've always been a sensible-Sally so I was never an outrageous one- reading and sewing in my spare time is just fine.

Boys really are not that important, ever.

It never feels like it will happen but my siblings will move out and spending time together is suddenly not as easy, times together become something that is treasured as I get older.

Everything will be alright, absolutely everything, yes even that, the things that feel like the world will never ever be right again, they fall into place in their own odd way, which creates a more flexible and resilient character.

I honestly feel a bit sick and emotional at the thought of this being my twenties, kind of like my one and only decade where I can take a good stab at life, and once this decade has passed the rest of my life is mapped out, whether good or bad.

For the meantime I am going to take my own advice that everything, everything falls into place in it's own odd way.

New video makeup tutorial Miley Cyris wrecking ball!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

She may not be everyone's favorite gal, and even less so idol or role model, but I wanted to create her pretty makeup look, don't worry I don't hop into my white y fronts and swing around.
It's very simple, and very classic to wear a bold red lip, a flawless pale face and black liquid eyeliner. It does make her blue eyes pop!

Sweater Weather Makeup Tutorial

Cosy up guys and gals!
It's my first autumnal makeup tutorial...
I called it Sweater Weather, I was wearing a sweater, or a jumper as we call them in England. Plus it also just so happens to be the makeup look that I have been wearing for a little while now.
It's nothing too crazy, just easy, breezy loveliness

And a lil' bit of country music to set the mood!