Don't throw away your sweet wrappers!...

Monday, 27 February 2012

Wear them instead!!!

That's right, there are people that take recycling to a whooooole new level!
I give you...
The candy wrapper corset!

I'm not much of a corset wearer myself, but I might just make an exception for this one.
I can't quite decide if it's hobo-chic or sugary sweet though.
What do you think?

This one will set you back a pretty penny at £193.53 or $299 from here
But I'm pretty sure you could make one yourself providing you're willing to eat a few bags of sweets! I'm sure freinds will be willing to help with that.
Then preserve the wrappers and with a cheap corset (ebay) and a hot glue gun (craft store) you could put it together yourself for £10 or less!

You could go to a fancy dress party as a bag of sweets! With a little of everything you're sure to be everyones favourite!


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