Disney Outfit inspiration! Pixar- Up

Thursday, 28 February 2013

February is the shortest month which makes me a little sad already that it is over!
But here's a super fun post to brighten up your Thursday...
If you've ever seen Disney Pixars 'Up' then you probably love Ellie!
Here is some outfit inspiration from Ellie that you can get in real life...

Outfit inspired by Ellie from Disney Pixar's Up: Green dress, purple scarf, motorcycle boots

This is a super fun and playful safari outfit that is made a little more feminine by using a dress rather than shorts. You could add a leather belt rather than a khaki one to make it a little more special.

Outfit inspired by Ellie from Disney Pixar's Up: Yellow Dress, Mary-Janes, camera necklace
This is such a pretty sun dress, and if you don't have a super cute old fashioned camera, you could buy a camera inspired piece of jewelerry

Outfit inspired by Ellie from Disney Pixar's Up: Purple jeans, floral top, TOMS
A pretty pink and purple floral outfit, I think jeans look much cuter tucked up in Spring like how Ellie wears them!

Freshening up your wardrobe for Spring- I can hardly wait!

Pinterest fail

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm sure you're probably bored to tears of me yapping on about 'Pinterest' especially if you're not a pinner and you really just have no clue what I'm rambling on about. I especially hope that the more I ramble on about Pinterest doesn't put you further off ever venturing over to Pinterest.com
Well today's post is about Pinterest but it's also comical whether you like Pinterest or even know what it is.
Among many other things, Pinterest is known to have a lot, lot, lot of seemingly 'magical', 'super easy' and 'best ever' recipe's and craft projects that really do seem too good to be true. It is true what they say, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.
If you've had a Pinterest catastrophe first hand or just like a good giggle then Pinterestfail.com is a hilarious compilation of peoples creative feats that have just not gone quite right at all!

Take this for example, beautiful rainbow jar cake, all happy and fun ...la la la la la... then...

The reality when a normal person tries to recreate it:

Infinity friend symbol... Pinterest and reality!

 Glass cutting - super modern home technique!

Swirly cookies!

Makes me think that it would be better to stick to the fashion section rather than the craft section in the future!
For sooo many more visit www.pinterestfail.com

Honey Boo-Boo Is that You-You?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I'm not meant to love her, but I do!
Honey Boo Boo, an American child pageant star made famous by the tv show 'Toddlers and Tiaras' is pure hilarity. I feel kind of mean because yes I am laughing at her, but she is so cute too I just want to cuddle her!
She was so entertaining on Toddlers and tiaras that she got her own tv show on MTV called 'Here comes Honey Boo Boo' which is the new low of trashy tv, but so good!
Anyway, following Honey Boo Boo's popularity a lot of people could probably recognise her face!

So you can imagine the double take I had when I saw this in a super old painting in a gallery

The blonde ringlet girl looks like Honey Boo Boo!

Am I seeing things or do you see the resemblance too??
Honey Boo Boo in the renaissance haha!

I hate to sound like a Hello Kitty hipster but...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sometimes I really do think that I loved Hello Kitty before she was a big deal in the UK. When I was around 9 or 10 years I started to love Hello Kitty so whenever I saw anything Hello Kitty it was a surprise has she hadn't cropped up on that much merchandise in England yet. If my mum saw something Hello Kitty she'd sometimes get it ten months in advance of my birthday because she wouldn't hardly see anything Hello Kitty. As the years have gone by it's become much more readily available on children and adult products, much to my delight!
Today I was in the kiddy section of a store and I saw all these beautiful Hello Kitty toys!
I reckon I would have still loved all of these aged 9, I'm envious of little girls today and all the choice that they have!

Okay, so the little girls on the boxes look considerably younger than 9...but who cares- play-doh is for everyone!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

I ordered my first every Graze box from Graze.com
It's basically a box of snacks that gets sent to you by default weekly, but you can choose to have them daily or fortnightly for example. All my friends were telling me about how you can claim your first free box using a code, but I didn't have a code but still got a free box sort of by accident. Basically, I made an account and had filled in my email but when it came to filling in my card details I didn't have my card to hand so simply stopped creating an account alltogether. Cleverly, Graze sent me an email to remind me that I hadn't completely finished entering in my details and that if I did I would get a free box- so of course I finished signing up!
Once my account had been made I could have waited for the surprise of what might have arrived in my Graze box or I could take matters into my own hands and choose the things that I knew I would Love, Like, Try and Bin (i.e dislike and never want to try)
To be honest, I binned quite a lot, more than half of the options available and there are over 100.
Anyway, some time later I felt confident I'd wiped out all the gross options so that only yumminess would remain, I was hoping for popcorn, olives and delicious crouton, bread-dippy things.
This is what I got:

For some annoying reason, the picture wouldn't move from a sideways angle so I'm sorry that you have to jut your head! But I was happy with what I found, I got my popcorn which was completely delicious, I got my bread dippy things, salsa and chilli and cheesy crackers. It was completely delicious there's no doubt about that but I demolished the entire box in about 30 minutes so it was less of a graze and more of a devouring feast. Also, it was so delicious that I really don't think that it is as healthy as it claims, in the end it was just more snacking than I needed to eat.
It's not something that I can afford to do week in week out, plus I don't believe that it would imporve my diet. If I feel like a snack I have a cupboard full of fruit which is more filling, cheaper and lasts longer than these boxes.
They're a nice idea if you work in an office for example and don't have time to pack a lunch, but I'd suggest taking just one snack to work rather than the whole box as you probably will end up eating them all in one go!

Red Gradient lips

Saturday, 23 February 2013

I really love the makeup trend right now where one lip is a different shade of the same colour to the other lip - I think it's so fun!

While I may not be brave enough to wear this, although they are super duper pretty
My gradient lips were a little different, I used Cherry by MAC which is a blue based red lipliner, so a cool blue.
Around the edges I used too much of a heavy hand in MAC brown lipliner in shade Chestnut. With a lot of heavy editing, the picture of how the lips turned out is okay! But I was just practising today, I'll be doing it for real on myself for a wedding in a couple weeks time, so by then I will hopefully have perfected the red gradient lip!

New video: How to do all different kids of eyeliner in under 4 minutes!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Whether you want retro, chunky, delicate, winged, exotic


Money to burn? Me neither!

Monday, 18 February 2013

But still, it's fun to look!
If Pinterest isn't burning away at your free time then this will!


This is why I'm broke sort of gives the whole game away of what the website is about but the greatest part is that it shows incredible innovative products but links directly to where you can buy them!
No more 'I love this but where can I get it!?'

Here are my favourites!!!

A rainbow shower!!
 A baby convict onesie!
 Chocolate duvet cover!
 A baby floor cleaner
 An Xbox controller bra
 Doesn't everyone want to smell of play-doh!? er...

What could be better than keeping pet fish in your sink?? - I wonder if maybe this is a bit cruel

Pinterest infecting my brain!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

If ever there was a better way to waste away a lazy Sunday than on Pinterest please let me know, 1 hour feels like 1 minute and I'm just pinning even more furiously than before, I've collected my Summer wardrobe, my dream wedding, my dream holiday, my dream life I think!!!

Pinning long into the night!!!

For when you're sick of perfection

Saturday, 16 February 2013

If you've had a whole Saturday spent watching seemingly perfect girls on YouTube that never appear to have a single flaw, imperfection or even a pimple in their life and it has made you feel like a dowdy individual that has not got out of your pjs all day (what.. I don't do that..er..)

Here is your little pick-me-up!
I don't know why, this really made me laugh!

It's a whole post called 'Pretty girls make Ugly faces' it really made me laugh! I love when people can poke fun at themselves and the way they look, and would only ever let the world see pictures of themselves looking made up and like perfection!
Here are my favourites:

Click here for more of these!

Black smokey eye!

Friday, 15 February 2013

For the first time in too long I'm all dressed up and made up!
Tonight I'm wearing my black charcoal makeup that I showed you how to do a little while back

My bag is from Primark, skirt is from Zara, black top from a charity shop and flat black pumps!

If you like my makeup, here's where you can learn how to do it too!

Valentines day treat: New Video!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

As promised...
The majestical before and after video that is here to wipe all your worries about every last blemish away today!

I wish getting ready really did just take 2 minutes and 54 seconds!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you! Lots of love and so, so many strawberry cookies!

Twas the night before Cupid

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I don't think Cupid was actually born tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure, I just wanted the title to sound festive really!
Maybe you have special plans tomorrow, or maybe you just want a quick insight into how you can go from looking like you just woke up to looking like you fell over and was dragged backwards through a bush to looking like you just had 12 hours of sleep and a month of spa treatments.
It's all coming your way as a Valentines day present tomorrow!

Yes it really does work and here is the before and after to prove it!

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking 'gosh...which one is the 'before' and which one is the 'after'....
Okay that was a joke (a bad one)

If there's hope for flawless skin and fresh face for me then there's hope for you!

It's nearly Valentines day!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

As preparation for the most loving day of the year some might say.. I stayed in and baked pink strawberry butter cookies!
It was a pre-made kid for children I think so it wasn't really me doing any of the hard work, but I got the kit for christmas and thought that this was the perfect time to put it to use!
It came with the most beautiful heart shaped and hello kitty shaped cutter
but... the cooking instructions were in German which was...interesting to say the least, a little later on we found the English translation and luckily our interpretation skills were correct and we'd followed all the instructions perfectly.

 The strawberry dough tasted pretty delicious raw, and we were all totally amazed at how when you added the egg, the flour went from white to a pretty pastel pink!

 We ended up making about 4 batches out of that little amount of dough, it was crazy! I had to get an army of friends to help stick on the embellishments (sugar paper bows and kitty faces) I think in total there were probably about 60 cookies to go around and they were sooo supoer sweet and delicious, even the icing was strawberry!
I wish I could share them with you because it's going to be a struggle to get through 60 all by myself!

Rainy nights and the most beautiful stamp!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

 I just have to show you the prettiest stamp! I think it is especially for Valentines day or something, but it has clusters of poppies all over it!
Outside looks kind of pretty too, although really it was raining so it was less fun to actually be there than it is to look at here, this is one of the pictures that I don't want to jump into!