Push for University

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This is a more 'serious' post, as far as my posts go, hopefully you'll still find some of it fun, but I want to put a diclaimer that this is not me telling you what to do with your life or how to get your dream career or what to do after school, it's just a little issue that I'm responding to.
Lot's of people have asked me what I think of going to university since the tuition fee rise, and this now is old news as the plan to put it in place was made last year, but this year is the first year that it is being utilised. Tuition fees have tripled for students beginning university this September. So people have been asking

Is university still worth it?

I would say, of course it is.

Now, just because I say 'yes’ does not mean that I hold the right answer, or that you need to agree with what I am saying as of course many, many success stories exist of people making their own way into established jobs with their skill set and dedication and being really reaaaallly good at interviews to beat other candidates with a degree.

This may be a ridiculous way to look at it, but my attitude to the fee rise was ‘it’s such an extortionate amount it’s not even worth thinking about’

So yes, this may be a ‘bury my head in the sand’ mentality, but that really is the way it is.
Kind of like when you dare to look at the amount of fat and salt in a McDonalds burger- it’s such a huge amount I can’t even think about it, but I’ll eat the burger anyway.

This is not me trying to make a joke out of something serious. Debt is a serious issue but the debt will go one of two ways for all graduates

Scenario number 1:
You earn over £21,000 a year, so you pay back your loan in monthly instalments for 30 years (or less, depending on the percentage they take and how much you earn) and the remaining amount after 30 years is wiped.

Scenario number 2:
You earn under £21,000 a year for 30 years and never pay a penny back.
It’s estimated that 50% of graduates will not pay a penny of their loan back, this can be seen positively or negatively. Negatively, because it’s depressing to think you did all that schooling to earn way under the national average for 30 years. Positive because gosh darnit you just got a free education!
So that’s my two cents, whatever your situation I wouldn’t let the fees put you off doing what you want to do because the loans are in place to allow university to be accessible to everyone, not just those whose parents can afford it.
For more fun information on this and universities in general I really found great comfort in reading www.push.co.uk it’s not boring, and I would read it as a nice break from reading all that stiff jabber about ‘higher education’, on many occasions ‘Push’ has made me really laugh out loud with their funny articles.

Now is the point where people in the UK are beginning university applications for the new year, so I hope this was a little help in that maze!

Night off Night out

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Aint no night like a Tuesday night wooo woooo!
And of course the best part was getting ready!
So here's how the look went down...

I went for Bare Escentuals Skin moisturiser, skin primer and a MAC pore refiner as I have a looot of open pores
I used Laura Mercier Moisturising foundation in the palest shade all over my face, then a darker foundation around the edge of my face and blend them together so that it makes a pretty gradient on the skin.
Then using a slim bronzing brush I slim out my face by running MACs Matte Bronzer under the cheekbones, along the nose, on the sides of the forhead and under my chin.
A MAC blusher on my cheekbones in shade Mocha
A highlighting powder (I can't remember which) along the nose bridge, cheekbones, middle of the forhead and on the chin.
To define my brows I used an eyebow pencil from MAC, it's a dark blonde colour and I layer it up to get the right colour!
I used the MAC translucent finishing powder all over my face, and a Bare Escentuals Buxoum lipgloss with super plumping power!
On my eyes I'm wearing my 'Espresso Eyes' which is a brown smokey eye, but a little mor evening as it has a lot of shimmer so here's the instructions that are from that...

"1.Primed my eyes using Bare Escentuals eye primer
2.Coated the whole eyelid in a creamy white shadow 'Shroom' by MAC
3.From the outer corner I dolloped my versatile dark brown 'Folie' by MAC and swished it back and fourth in the crease
4.I used a taupey-grey colour, I can't remember what one! and blended that back and fourth over Folie, only use a little amount, we want to look to be mostly that lovely warm brown rather than a cool grey
5. Using the Folie eyeshadow and taking a thin eyeliner brush i run that along the upper lash line and half way along the lower- this way it's not as harsh as liquid liner and fits in with a 'smokey' look.
6. On the browbone to make a crisp contrast I uses Loreal Color Infaillable in shade 001 Time Resist White
7. Using a brow brush and and an eyeshadow in shade 'Folie' from Mac I run the colour through my brows lightly, and slowly builing up the shape and thickness I'd like
8. I used a white eyeliner pencil on my waterline to my my eyes look bigger, I used 'Fascinating' from MAC
9. I finished off with a few layers of Bare Escentuals black mascara
There you have it!
Do you ever find that getting ready is more fun than the night out itself?

Ni Hao WHAT now?

Monday, 27 August 2012

You know you have those things that you really want to do at one point or another and you're sure you'll get around to it but you don't have a plan of action as to when.
I do this all the time, my list of 'great things to do' only gets longer not shorter!
Things like:
Learning to play an instrument
Giving blood
Going to an open top cinema  (see yesterdays blog post)
Oodles of craft projects
Learning a language
Going scuba diving

all these fun things I intend to fall into place in the near future but..I don't know when
But recently, I've taken matters into my hands on one thing and that's 'learning a language' that language being Mandarin (Chinese)

Me and languages at school were... not so great.
But I hope that through choosing to learn it myself and take classes the experience will be more inspiring than that of school.

Here you can see I'm practicing writing Ni Hao which is hello or literally 'you good' and get to grips with the characters too.

Small little baby steps but who knows maybe this time next year I'll have progressed a little!

Outdoor Cinema

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My friend and I had the funnest evening, the sort of thing that a high school couple would do in the 50s or so it felt!
We went to an outdoor cinema screening in a park in London
I tried to take pictures but they all came out bad in the light, so this is the best I've got to show you

Which makes it look as though the nigh was really foggy, when it was actually pretty clear!
The screen itself was inflatable, like a giant inflatable cinema screen, then a little projector under a tent which of course projected onto the screen itself!

The film we saw was Scott Pilgrim Vs The world which is just the sort of film that you would want to see outside in the dark, seeing a horror film would be a different experience altogether, and not a positive one.
We had a little bit of a 'rain scare' where there were three sets of rain but they were only light showers and didn't last any longer than five minutes each so hooray for not needing a brolly and only needing plaid picnic blankets!

You ate WHAT?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm not much of a burger eater, If I go to McDonalds I'll have the Chicken Burger but the first ever 'red meat' burger I ate was this Summer at TGI Fridays and it was pretty good I have to admit, but today my friend and I passed a place that sold the most exotic burgers I've ever seen including Ostrich and Buffalo, I thought they looked so strange that I had to try them!
A little curious and sceptical we went for the Ostrich as apparently it's the most popular so we thought that it had to be the most popular for one reason or another!

It doesn't look too delicious there, but it really was good. It was served in a wholemeal burger bun with seeds in which was an extra nice touch and the meat itself didn't taste like something from a fast food chain, it tasted more like 'real meat'
Never having heard of Ostrich meat before I decided to do a little research to see if there was any benefits to Ostrich meat over any other type of meat or whether it was just a bit of a 'fad'
Here's what I found:

Ostrich has two-thirds less fat than other red meat as well as more protein, fewer calories and less cholesterol than skinless chicken, skinless turkey, pork or beef.
Due to the low demand of ostrich, all natural and organic farming practices are more prevalent among ostrich farmers

On that note, we should be hoping that the demand of Ostrich stays low so that organic practices remain prevalent!

What do you tihnk, would you ever try and Ostrich burger?
What's the strangest meat you have ever eaten?

A reflection corner!

Friday, 24 August 2012

I've been helping my sister deck out her new classroom for a brand new class this September! I know some schools have alrady gone back, but schools here don't go back until September so we still have some time to finish things off and neaten things up.

I've dedicated a whole blog post especially to this great idea, even if you don't care about classroom decor, hopefully you'll think this is a great idea too!

It's a 'Time for reflection' table, a place where you can go especially to reflect!

The table has been covered in silver paper, then plastic backing to protect the paper from tears
Then stuck on the table are all the great things to be thankful for like your home, friends, flowers, family and  just life in general!

I love the calm and relaxing colour scheme, the little pictures and the cute flowers in the corner of the table. Through maybe the best part is the mirror so that you can literally reflect on your day and life and how you can make tomorrow better!

I think it's really great to see this being encouraged in schools so that maybe it becomes habit every day to feel thankful.
Maybe the truest part is the quote

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our thanks"

How to dress for an unexpected work out

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The title should maybe say how NOT to dress haha
My sister and I opted for a last minute Zumba class, I should just always be prepared for when I'm at my sisters to stop me going to Zumba looking like this...

It may not look that bad from a distance but the picture is luckily quite blurry, I'm wearing an old white vest from H&M and a black bra that showed through...not a good look.
Black tracksuit bottoms that are a little on the short side haha
And old mens trainers in one size too big!

Hooray for looking super stylish at the gym!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My sister and I went to Wagamamas for dinner and it was scrum-diddly-umptious
I only ever went once before and I had the Ramen which I thought was as good as it got, but oh no no no no...
I introduce to you the:
Cha han
stir-fried rice with chicken and prawns or fried tofu, egg, mangetout, mushrooms, sweetcorn and spring onions. Served with a side portion of miso soup and pickles

It was serisuoly good, I swapped out the prawns for double chicken portions and it tasted uh-mazing, even those weird yellow looking things tasted like spare ribs somehow? Even though it looks like it would taste citrusy. Then the rice was kind of like egg fried rice but way less greasy than your average chinese takeaway, the miso soup was pretty good too, the pickles were a little spicy for me...

My sister usually has the chicken katsu but wanted to go for something healthier, and healthier she got!
Teriyaki chicken donbur
grilled juicy chicken glazed with orange teriyaki sauce, sticky white rice, with thinly sliced carrots, pea shoots, spring onions and sesame seeds and a side of spicy kimchee

We ate with really cute wooden cutlery, much better than plastic cutlery and feels more 'authentic'

So we give our Wagamama night in 5 Waga-thumbs up!

Classroom bird deco!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We went on down to my sisters classroom as the school summer holiday is drawing to a close to sort things out and make it look a little bit cuter! You don’t realise how much effort goes into ‘jazzing’ up a classroom, or at least I didn’t! I don’t remember my teachers making the classrooms I was in so pretty and fun and inviting.
So the theme for this year was birds, last year it was sports (for the Olympics) so we had to bird up a classroom which is easier said than done.
Here you can see me trying to sort out the reading area in the classroom, and make it look kind of like a tropical jungle with birdies sat on top. There’s green netting over the top of the plastic to make it look a little more ‘leafy’

I added painted bird eggs, birds with feathers (that probably look like the kids in the class made them…) and tissue paper tassles, as well as a green plastic sheet along the back to make it feel more secluded.

On another wall was the really fun ‘fancy word’ wall bordered in get this… feather boas! I thought that was just the funnest idea and would encourage me to use the more fancy words...

Nothing is finished yet but I sure hope they like it!

GIANT toy parade!

Monday, 20 August 2012

So I'm past the age where I should be excited about kiddie toys, but when I saw these in the ‘toy fair’ downstairs in the department store I had to snap a sneaky picture of these!

There was a competition to guess the amount of bricks it took to make this giant Darth Vader, I would have guessed maybe… 20,000? But I was probably too old to enter- how much would you have guessed?

 Then this giant Slyvanian bunny!

I’m so glad Slyvanian families is still popular! I used to have a house of it and play with my sister. I can vividly remember a felty frog that I used to like playing with.

Did you ever have Slyvanian families when you were younger?

Candy Pink Secret crafts!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I've opened my eyes to the joys of spray paint and how great they are in crafting projects, it's almost as fun to pick a spray can colour as it is to pick out a eyeshadow or lipstick but maybe a little less colour choice.

I settled on a baby sized can of what's called 'HOT PINK'
but I sure hope it comes out a 'sweet pink'

I have a sweet lil' idea in mind of how to put this to good use and if things go well I'll film and upload it aswell as doing a picture tutorial for here too!

If you're intrigued I'll give you a clue it involves plastic candy jars, masking tape and of course the most exciting part the spray paint!

If it's a craft-tastrophe... well I'll probably blog about tha too! haha

Oh My Mickey Mouse!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

It makes me feel sad that winter clothes are back in and sandals and shorts are on the sale rails in stores, we didn't really get a proper summer here, at least it didn’t feel like it. Even more so because I was in England for the whooooooole of summer.
Anywho, I spotted this little cutie pie on the rack at H & M and all of a sudden the day seemed to get brighter, even though now I’m hoping for snowy snow and rain so that I can wear this bad guy!

I love how the Mickey Mouse is actually knitted into the fabric rather than being a transfer over the top so that hopefully it will last longer.

 It cost £19.99! The knit of it is super cute too, the sleeves are a different more ‘textured’ knit while the rest is a ‘smooth’ knit

It makes me wish that I could knit myself, I could do a matching Minnie Mouse one, or if I could knit any pattern I’d knit a candy floss jumper with baby blue and pink candy striped sleeves, with the rest being baby blue and a baby pink giant cone of cotton candy on the front!

 If you could knit any jumper design what would you knit?

Sailor dress up!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Ever since my first dress-up party at the age of 12 or 13 when I went as a sailor girl, I have had a 'thing' for all things nautical that never ever seems to go away, ever! As much as I wish I could wear my costumes out on a regular day (I built up a collection of various sailor ones) they remain in waiting for another dress up party!

Keeping this in mind, you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat with joy when I feasted my eyes upon this lovely dreamy-dress!

The lady at the counter probably thought I was a sailor-crazy-nut as I was wearing coincidentally my sailor jumper today!

I think I'm going to save the dress for a March wedding and team it up with Red heels with a bow! But I don't know if I can wait that long to wear it...

Other lovely things I came across today that came home with me included this new 'dressy' top, originally from Topshop but I got it in a second hand shop for a sweet price of £10

P.S note how I've cropped my face out of everything because I was having a 'bad skin-no makeup' day
And a little more boring... a new laundry bag, but the print is super cute at least!

Being Brave Seeing Brave

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Incase the title didn't make it completely obvious to you, I saw the new Disney Pixar film 'Brave' today and thought I'd share with you my two cents on how it went down with us (the us being me and my best friend)
Now before we begin here is a song to listen to as you read what I write to set the magical-mood for you, and also becuase the soundtrack was my absolutely number 1 favourite part

Brave is about a redheaded princess with the most enviable hair of any of the Disney Princesses, it's in these perfect curls that are the colour of ketchup- who is- surprise surprise- fiesty. Kids films love to play the 'fiesty' card with red haired characters... Anywho, it's set in Scotland which made for a nice change and actually sempt quite realistic as the skies were almost always grey and stormy looking. Basically, the red haired princess doesn't want to be married but somehow ends up in a story seperate to that to do with breaking a bear related curse.. It is as odd and random as it sounds.

There are lots of great and sweet moments mostly from the Princesses triplet younger brothers who are too adorable for words, and other great magical moments when the princess follows these blue sprite things through the forest- very 'Avatar-ish' not to mention how great the music was and added purpose to everything when scenes were moving a bit slowly.

The story as a whole was not that great to me, better than most kids films for sure, but not up there with Pixars greatest whatsoever. Aside from the setting being in Scotland the rest wasn't that original and reminded me of some Shrek-Snow White mash up. The Princess in Brave basically being a younger Princess Fiona... and the whole thing with the curse needing to be broken by two sunrises or being permanent forever is very Shrek-ish too. Then the evil lady in a little forest in the house resembled the Dwarves home, with the woman resembling that shape shifting evil stepmother from Snow White.
It's diffcult to explain how a storyline is both 'weird' and unoriginal at the same time, but Brave just is. Not to mention pushing the boarders on PG rated films, I jumped pretty violently at some parts.

Alright... positive things:
The soundtrack was amazing (I know this is the third time I've said it)
The backdrop was up there with being as magical as the underwater world of Finding Nemo
There is no slushy love story whatsoever
Did I mention the soundtrack?

So there you have it, my movie roundup! Let me know what you thought of Brave!

Wake me up- before you go go!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Getting up is the first challenge of my day, every single day.
I am a bad getter-upper even when I've had a full night sleep!
I've tried them 'sunrise' alarm clocks before to try and ease me into waking up but I would always sleep straight through the light getting brighter and just end up late.
When I got to grips with the fact that I can't avoid that 'ughraghshh' wake up feeling I can join it- and make it better, happier!
Starting with....
My wake up song, or alarm clock song that is set on my phone is now super important as it can set up my mood for a whole day, but remember to change it often (every fortnight or so) otherwise you will get sick of it and come to hate the song because you will associate it with waking you up in the morning...

So without further ado here is my morning-happy-alarm songs to keep you going for a while!

Something to get your heart pumping and feeling like you can take the day on:

One of my favourites and it's slow and breezy at first:

Something to get you feeling good- haha:

One of my favourite alarm songs but was so afraid of ruinging a song that I love, that I changed it quickly to my current alarm clock song!:

My current alarm song!:

If none of them are working for you, just opt for a song that slowly builds up rather than something that begins with a 'BANG' otherwise it will just aggrivate you in the morning, and won't have you jumping out of bed with a smile on your face.

I'm gon' be a bridesmaid!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I've posted more than once about my sister getting married next year!

_-~* Insert my gushing face!*~-_

Since 'the dress' has already been purchased, now we can move onto 'the other important dress' which is that of the bridesmaids!

Today was day 1 of many in terms of shopping, we're looking at the dresses in the American brand 'Forever Yours' they do very stereotypically 'American' bridesmaid and flower girl dresses if that makes sense?
I guess I mean the styles, the cheesy green screen backdrops of some of the photo shoots too!

Here's the initial dress that we thought would be 'the one' or 'the other one' haha but not this colour.

Tried on it lookes different, and we just didn't love it as much as the picture, also in the shop it was in a candyfloss pink colour so I felt like a candy floss-ballerina-fairy type thing, not a sophisticated and chic bridesmaid...

The search continues!

Here's a look at the ones I was trying on today:

Guess if you can!

In bed with me and teddy!

Monday, 13 August 2012

I am very lucky that sleep has never been something that I struggle to get, I sleep well most nights and pretty much always get my 8 hours - this isn't me bragging about all the fun exciting sleep that I get, It's just on those days when I don't get as much sleep as I wanted that I appreciate how important the 'Zzz's are.
It's like trying to funciton without food- I just can't do it! I need sleep as much as I need food to be able to do anything at all!

Sometimes we can be kept awake at night by horrible scenarios playing out in our head over and over and over that I sometimes wish I had a 'off' switch, like a robot, because although my poor eyes are sleepy my brain is on overdrive and full of electricity. This is worse at night than in the day because sometimes nights when everyone else is asleep is when you can feel worse because you feel more alone.

I remember one day when I was maybe eight or nine and I told my grandparents about how I couldn't get to sleep because I was so worried, and then I told them how amazed I was that everything, every little thing seems better in the morning, not healed, but better beyond belief!
I am thankful to my little eight or nine year old self to have learned this lesson very very young. Everything, absolutely everything seems worse on nights alone than in the day where you don't feel confined to your bedroom and forcing your little peepers closed to try and tempt sleep.

So if you're reading this at night and something is niggling or maybe eating away at your mind, know that although you cannot for the life of you see how anything could look better at this moment, this moment will pass, morning will come and things will seem brighter.

Here's a little something wonderful to get you feeling better already!
My new giant best friend, he is my 'Dreams' bear, and keeps me safe at night when I'm worried! I love how he has sleepy eyelashes!

I've named this ball of brown fuzz Toby!

Night Night
Sleep Tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Hello Kitty: Sweet Collection Perfume

Sunday, 12 August 2012

I got a special little treat to share with you, courtesy of my globe trotting sister who got me a fun souvenir from the Duty Free on the way back from her holidays!

They are this beautiful Hello Kitty 'sweet collection' perfume, and oh the packing is such a delight!

 The boxes do not lie, the scent truly is yummy, to me it smells a lot like fruit and sweeties but according to the official 'scent-people' the scent includes:

Sweety apples with drops of green apple
Flowers of cherry trees
Pulped Jasmine petals
Coco balls
Sweet pralines
Drops of musk powder
Vanilla syrup
Candy Sugar

The bottles look so perfect lined up together, I want to keep them together!

Trying to show you a close up of the bottles, it looks like hello kitty is eyeless accroding to this photo, but she has facial features I assure you!

The little travel stamp to show you guys that I think you can only get them on planes and things, rather than in your regular shop, plus doesn't kitties pilot attire look so adorable!?

Braving London transport and real dinosaurs

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I've been trying to avoid going into London during the Olympics because it's estimated that an extra 1 million people will be there, which means a whole lot of people crammed into those London Underground carriages, but we decided to brave it in the end to visit The Natural History Museum and would just avoid the Central Line to try and avoid any Olympic rushes. This plan worked well on the way there, but on the way back we got a little more unlucky and was rammed into the underground carriages like sardines, anywho we had a lovely and _-*culturally enriching*-_ day, the best part was seeing the Dinosaurs!

Then some strange, huge and scary biological statues...

It was so huge that we had no chance of getting around it all in the day, they had sections for fossils, gem stones, mammals, bugs, birds- so much accessible knowledge that you would be a genius if you read and digested it all and the weirdest and most wonderful part is that the elaborate and beautiful museum was free but there was lots of places to donate to support the work that they do.

In the day we ate an amazing Mexican near Angel, London- and in the evening at some fancy french, it was presented so beautifully on the plate that I wanted to take out my phone and steal a snap but I was a little embaressed as it was very quiet and 'proper'

Climbing a castle, cathedral and boat

Friday, 10 August 2012

It was a beautiful, sunny day so we decided to make the most of it and visit some tourist 'hot spots'. We visited a castle which was impressive, but also a little bit scary as it was tall and crumbling. I took these pictures because the arches were still in tact and I loved them! If I really imagined, I felt like I was in the place where A Game of Thrones was set ( I really love that tv show) it was wodnerful and majestical and I think would be so perfect on a warm evening if the top part was lined in candles and lanterns!

Then we headed to a museum that had this kind of 'immitation boat' I thought it was really funny because it looked like real water behind me! I assure you if it was I would not have been so brave as to sit on the edge!

Then there was a part where you could 'drive' the boat, but of course whatever way you turned the steering wheel, the screen projecting the water in front did not change, so you couldn't have a crash-tastrophe

To finish off, we had a peaceful visit to the cathedral, here you can see I'm making a wish and a prayer with the candles!

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Wedding Plushes!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I was gifted two Hello Kitty plushies that were part of a McDonalds 'gift' programme in Japan 2000!
They are still in their bags and I just can't take them out, they look so perfect and pristine in them, but maybe I've always been a bit weird with tags, I try to keep the tags on everything for as long as possible because I think it makes items look 'fresh' which is so silly I know,

Anywho, here is the beautiful 'Dream Wedding' set!
Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel

To see their attire in it's full glory I googled a picture of them!

I love Dear Daniels tufty hair and how his hankerchief in his pocket is embellished with McDonalds M's and Kitties matching felty head piece and bouquet!
I just love them, they are so special and lovely!

Summer Wedding Heel Solution

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

If you are going to a summer wedding on a lawn or about to be a summer bride and the balls of your feet ache at the thought of leaning on them to try and avoid the dreaded heel-lawn-sink then the solution has been found in http://www.heelsabove.com/

There are more pictures on there website but I think these are just brilliant!
They have recieved a bit of stick for looking tacky, but I was at a wedding a few Saturdays ago and I really could have done with these, and for any following heel-events. Plus if you think they really look that bad, then maybe you could just wear them for lawn photos and things, then remove them.

A way to maybe try and trick yourself into thinking that they are pretty is that they remind me of the base of champagne flutes, or decorate the base with a circle of little stick on gems or something!
Let me know if you think these are a great idea or horribly tacky!

Cotton Candy Makeup Haul

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I just thought I'd share with you some new eyeshadows that I got, they are by the brand Fashionista who I have spoken about before (and how I don't like the brand name) and I used their shadows in my Valentines Day makeup tutorial and really enjoyed using their products, so on my search for some new cotton candy pastel shades I ended up back at their stand.
This is what I came home with:

The light pink colour is called Sweet Kiss, the dark pink is called Bliss
The sparkly green is called Meadows and the blue is called Cool Blue

Swatches on my inner arm, I love how bright Bliss and Cool Blue come out, Sweet Kiss seems to have a lot of fall out and was tricky to build up on my arm

This picture summarises why I chose thoses colours, when you blend Sweet Kiss with Bliss and Cool Blue with Meadows, you get these perfect cotton candy shades!