Thursday, 31 January 2013

I thought it would be a good idea to buy Nutella in bulk- economies of scale and all that.
I started off with the little jars, the tiny 200g that would last me about a week ( I eat it with a spoon) I got through my first jar so quickly that I moved up to the next size, the 500g jar which lasted me a little longer... then
I saw the mother of the jars
the 700g
and then something just came over me.. and I ate about 500g all in one day and now I'm paying for it, I have a raging migraine probably from a complete sugar overload that my body just isn't used to, plus I now can't stand the sight of Nutella... the thought of eating another spoon is like thinking of eating a tablespoon of butter or ketchup... just ugh

So that's how I killed Nutella... or how Nutella killed me, I'm not sure.

Japanese Dinner!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's about that time again where I go out for something to eat with my friend from school who moved to the same city as I did!
I recommended that we eat at the same Japanese place that I went to a few weeks back in December, and it was so delicious that I blogged about it, and here I am blogging about it again!

I even ordered the same thing... I know, not very imaginative but I knew I loved it and I had craved it a few times since.
This is what I worse, I suppose this seemed appropriate attire!

 I wore my birthday part tee! I love it, it's from a shop on ebay and has presents and balloons and cake on it!
Along with my rock and republic trousers that are made from a black stretchy fabric, these are from TK Maxx and have lasted foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr, on my feet I have my pink stripy socks, I guess I'd forgotten to put on my shoes- but I swear I did wear some!

Makeup is a whole mish-mash from the Naked 2 palette, I can never remember what I've used, I just go into a bit of a colour daze and use everything that I like

 A close up of my feather earring that I like because a part of it looks like a feather hair extension! I love the cool blue colour part, this has lasted me over a year I think and made it through the treacherous windy weather that blew my hair every which way the minute I left!

Now I am too full up on sticky rice to move! Ooopsy

Pumping Iron! OOTD

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The only outfits I seem to be showing lately are my worst ones!
Me in my sweaty gym gear...lovely
Since you are here, I may as well tell you the outfit that I am sporting today, which is basically identical to my last gym OOTD (on Saturday)
and this is the weirdest shaped photo ever because I took it at an angle because I was in a rush and then I had to crop out my garish yellow walls and it all just got a bit crazy!

Hair- up in a bun
Sports bra- Forever 21
'A' top because my name begins with an 'A'! How lucky is that! from New Look about 2 years ago (I like to wear old tops to the gym because once a top is deemed a 'gym top' I never wear it on normal 'non gym' days again!)
Joggers from TK Maxx
Un-fancy plain ol' trainers
and some jazzy socks because gosh darn it's cold walking there!
I didn't get to take a snap but I wore my Harajuku pale blue zip up for the journey there which does not match the navy sleeves on my top- but who cares! The zip up had cartoon cats on it after all!

Off to see the Wizard! Urban Decay Glinda & Theodore palette peek!

Monday, 28 January 2013

This is just little ol' me off to lectures, but I sure do wish that I was off to see 'The Wizard'

Which is very fitting, because I caught a peek at Urban Decay's new palettes (2 of them) which are keeping with the theme of the new Disney film 'Oz the great and powerful'
-I knew about the palettes before I knew about the film coming out!
Here's a look at the palettes...

 The Glinda palette-
Contains a plum eyeshadow that is shimmery called Tornado , a shimmery blue and pink duo called Aura, a colour that looks like the can of grape soda with gold flecks called Magic, a satin peachy colour called Illusion, another 2 in shade that is golden shimmer alongside silver shimmer called Oz and another glittery colour that is grey but has a warm shimmer to it called South
PLUS a purple eyeliner in Eggplant and a pinky-beige lip colour in Glinda

Now onto Theodora-

A creamy colour called Broken , a warm matte brown called Beware dark brown titled Bewitch, then a deeper brown with a metallic finish named West, a duo shade with one half containing a black with green and gold flecks, then a glittery gold called Spell, the appropriately titled Jealous is the other duo containing a light and dark green with a creamy pearl finish.
PLUS a black eyeliner, and a bright red lip colour titled Theodora

My favourite is the Glinda palette, but perhaps I'm just biased because I have no idea who Theodora is, Theodora's palette contains a lot of browns though which I feel I have accumulated stacks of but perhaps that is what makes Theodora's a little more wearable if you like to keep your makeup safe. Glinda's contains a lot of what I consider 'never seen before' colours that I don't already own, and I love how good UD's glitter shadows are (thick but not chunky) so I feel like Ginda's is a lot more exciting!

You can pop out all the eye shadows and put in your own UD colours if you wanted to, or you could just leave it as is!
They come with 'look cards' to give you ideas on how to wear the colours and just I love how all the names relate to the traditional Wizard of Oz, I can't wait to get my hands on these just for the packaging!!
These are not out in the UK yet boohoo but they cost $49, so around £31

Studying with guest star JAKE ADVENTURE TIME

Sunday, 27 January 2013

There's only a few things more isolating than having to sit on your own and just 'knuckle down' to your work because you have used up every excuse to not do work.
Things that are making it a little sweeter:
Stereomood - the instrumental playlist.
I've blogged about Stereomood many times before www.stereomood.com
It's free, It's amazing, no downloads, no adverts just amazing music for all the moods that you could imagine.

My Jake tshirt!!!

It's actually a boys shirt, but I got the little size! it has Jake from Adventure Time sitting in my pocket!
He's keeping me company, and making the day a little less dull.
Now all I can think about is watching Adventure Time
darnit Jake!

OOTD: Gym-a-ring-ding-ding!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I just thought of as many words as possible that rhymed with gym, which was actually only two
'ring' and 'ding'...
ah well!

This is my not-so-glam attire for the evening as I embark on a 'legs, bums and tums' workout class which really just hurts me all over, but that's a sign that it's working- so they say!
Plus I have to repay my debts from all the milkshake and toast I've been eating AND I just ordered a 700g jar of nutella, the hugest jar I've seen available to date- it better be spectacular, it nearly cost me £4!

I just pull my hair back into a tight ponytail, I find that buns often drop out so I avoid those at the gym now. I hate that I wore my makeup to the gym, I usually wipe it off but time caught up with me and it just felt so awful and gross on my face, I'm wearing a sports bra from Forever21, my vest has opened citrus looking fruits on it and I got it about 5 years ago from Zara, my gym trousers are just plain black bootleg cut from TK Maxx, my sister got them for me for Christmas. My trainers are Puma or something, they're not very cool but I was on a budget!

New Video: It's BATHTIME

Friday, 25 January 2013

Who doesn't love a beautiful bubble bath once in a while?
It's something that I should do more often, but in this video I forgot to mention that you could burn candles, and even have chocolates with you!
If you don't have a bath, don't panic- I've got some fun videos that do not bath discriminate!

Too rock & roll for words

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do,
and what I gotta do is take some time out, catch up on all the things that I re prioritise at the bottom to the bottom of my to-do list and face it instead!

Here's my night-time snack companion for video editing tonight!

Peanut butter (smooth) on toast
Alpro Soya chocolate milkshake, I love these two companions together! They're so delicious!
I'll give you a hint for tomorrows video- It has bubbles!
Also, I'm thinking of making it a part of a 'How to get to sleep' series... because I never have ANY trouble getting to sleep!

Lets go to the movies: Despicable me

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I put off seeing this film for a long long time based on the title, which is the valuable lesson of the day.
Never judge a film by it's title!
First of all I though that this was an adult comedy with actors, it's actually a kids film that's animated yippee! My favorite type of kids films!
It's your typical kiddy plot of bad guy planning to do some bad things, then he meets a crossroad in his life that changes his whole outlook then happily ever after the end!
It's the generic template storyline that makes it 'not quite' Pixar.
Nonethless I still enjoyed it so much that I could watch it again!

The cross road in this baddy's life:

Is meeting these three orphan girls:

At first he's not so nice to them, and for ages and ages he's still not nice to them- it actually takes much longer than expected for his stone heart to be melted into a pool of gooey parental-love for the girls he has 'accidentally' adopted.

My favorite moments are:
When he puts them to sleep in old hollowed out bombs- it's just so cruel but half funny too

When he reads the hilarious 'three little kitty' story to the girls and has to use the finger puppets in the book. If this book is real, I want it!

The unicorn toy that is 'SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE'

When he tells them his own storybook and uses his nose as a unicorn horn- this will make no sense if you haven't seen it, but it just made me laugh!

This is a super-cute-feel-the-fuzzy-love film
and I want to watch it all over again!

The after... but no before!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I have just come in from a night out and I have to say I never get tired of the feeling of removing my makeup, I did a brown/ taupey smokey eye tonight and I liked how it came out, I'm sad I forgot to take a picture but I always seem to be in a rush when I'm getting ready!

Instead I present you with these two beautiful 'after' shots which are not glamorous in any way, but it's 2:30 in the morning! What do you expect!

 Ready for my close up!
This sempt like a good idea when I was taking it...

 Snuggling down in my duvet, night night!

The strangest dinner ever...

Monday, 21 January 2013

All I had in my cupboards here at university was the ingredients to make bolognase (no spaghetti) and since I was hungry enough I decided to just make it and deal with whatever fell out the pan onto my plate.
Then I cam up with the ingenious (or not so) idea to have toast with it!
Like toast bolognase or bolognase on toast!
It was all working out so well in my head and this is how it came out!

Maybe not so great after all, actually it was rather strange. I think I much prefer with spaghetti.

My dessert on the other hand was a delicious success!
I had a banana, chopped it up and mixed it with a Soya vanilla yoghurt.
It tasted like the kind of thing I would eat as a small child but it was sooo good!

I'm glad that you can see my place mat was a textbook, but clearly I should give up this university nonsense and go to culinary school instead or something!

Travelling home in the snow!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yesterday I traveled back up to university on the train which was somewhat an epic expedition in itself as there is snow everywhere!
Luckily, my train had no problems, but I know that I was in the minority and that many trains were delayed because of the bad weather, for which I feel very empathetic to the travelers who got caught up and missed important things because we still can't figure out how to deal with the snow here!

On my way though, it was the prettiest view that I had ever seen outside my window!
I saw ponies too with coats on that were soo cute! But the train was moving too fast to capture them

Not much to see but it's the best that I could do!

New video: A good things jar!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

If you're looking for a positive and newly crafty way to improve your outlook on your life then you could use a 'Good Things' jar
I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, and thought that it was such a great thing to begin in January and all you need is a jar!
Everytime something good happens to you (little or big!) write it on a note, and put it in your jar!

I can't wait to see at the end of the year all the great and wonderful and good things that have happened to me and to reflect on them, let me know if you're trying this too!

Packing up again!

Friday, 18 January 2013

It's that time when I have to pack everything up into a suitcase, take it all out again and repack, then repeat several times until everything just about fits, then I drag my luminous pink suitcase up and down stairs and escalators and on and off trains until I can breathe a sigh of relief when I am back home!

I was going to take a picture of my suitcase, but I do this every time I travel I'm sure you know what my suitcase looks like!

On a brighter note... My mum has made me the most delicious brownies for the journey so that makes it seem a little sweeter!

They look like they have snow on them!
Outside my window right now a lot of snow is falling which makes me nervous for how smooth the journey will go.. we shall see...

Hens making a getaway!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

My sisters wedding is approaching this year and to say I am excited is something of an understatement!

The bridesmaids and I decided that it would be fun to have a 'pre-hen' with just the bridesmaids before the actual hen!

At first we wanted to get a weekend away in the sunshine before the big day, but more realistically settled on a spa break!

We had a bridesmaid meeting today which was a great time to duscuss crucial questions such as:

What order do the bridesmaids go in the aisle procession?

Do you eat lamb?

Where are we going to have a 'pre-hen' before the hen?

I wore my hair in loose curls today, with a knit scarf, leather jacket and a Disney jumper.

My makeup is the Naked 2 palette and on my lips I'm wearing lipstic Frozen Rose by Avon with 'Lipcote' over the top. Lipcote arrived through the post today and I'm not super impressed, I'm going to give it another chance though before I confirm that it's not a vey good product.

Hey Kitty!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I have three sparkling to additions to my Hello Kitty family that I thought I would share with you!

Aren't they beautiful! Like triplet sisters or something

So we've got new cupcake rainbow kitty!

I don't know if that is her proper name but she's basically dressed like a rainbow, with a sweet cupcake treat that is all squishy, I love her!


Then I have ballet Kitty!


The best part is hands down her tutu but I wish that she had a wand too

and thennn.....

the gem in the crown is my heart Japan Kitty


She's in a beautiful little nursey outfit and I think this came out to raise money for the natural disaster in Japan last year which makes it a little bit more special!

They all say hi!

  And are sitting safely with Giant mama kitty!

Goofing around- doing nothing much at all!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I love/ don't love days like today

Where I don't have any pressing matters so there's plenty of time to goof around, but I also have deadlines that are approaching in the next week, so beginning to meet them around now sure wouldn't hurt.

Things I've done to avoid thinking about deadlines:
Downloaded a new app called 'Mermaids' which is the most fun thing ever! You have a patch of underwater and you have to sing to attract new mermaids and oh my gosh they're so pretty!


Ate a whole box of chocolates titled 'Alles Gute' which maybe means all is good/ all is well? Which is an obvious hint to me that I don't need to start my work because all is good! Right!??

Then I looked at a textbook for a brief moment

Then I put fun pearly swirls on the pages of my scrapbook!

Alright.. now I'll get on with my work...

Ouchy Physio!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Around September I took up yoga and the gym in general 2 to 3 times a week. In October I woke up with a really sore back pain that felt as though it was cradling my left shoulder blade. The pain was sharp and ran all around the shoulder blade and underneath, the pain was only slightly relieved when i had that part of my back pressed into a corner of something like a door frame, or wall or back of a chair which obviously made me look very odd to some people!

For the first 5 days the pain slowly eased, but after five days it healed no more and remained at a constant stinging sensation if I moved, leant or carried something or if my back wasn't perfectly straight. I wanted to put off paying for physio but when on Christmas eve I was lying on the sofa in pain with a heat patch on my back I thought enough is enough and booked myself an appointment at the local physio center.

I had an initial chat where I had to do funny arm exercises that looked like I was working in air traffic control then had a sports massge which was a pretty weird sensation in some points, especially when my shoudler balde was literally being pulled away from my body. I could choose the fragrance of the oil and I chose Roses - I love the smell of roses and their was no mint fragrance so this was second best! The man said I smelt like a grandma! I like the fragrance of roses!

Afterwards the pain had eased much more than I had expected, now I can feel a general ache in the area but when I move there is not a sensation of what feels like burning through my back, like a raw exposed and irritated muscle. Now it is much more dulled, much more comfortable.

I had all rose oil in my hair so I washed my hair for the second time today because I can't stand the feeling of greasy hair!

Here I am post physio... which is exactly how I looked pre physio but I just thought that I would add in a picture!
I'm covering half my face so that you can't see the full extent of my no makeup-ness!

It's been a filming bonanza!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Today I've been struck down with the filming bug where I had a whole day to myself, so decided to pre film for as much as my brain of inspiration would think of ideas and let me so that videos would be guaranteed, and out consistently over the coming month or so!
Here's a little look at some clues for the upcoming videos!

 My inspiration is all out for a new and exciting blog post, so hopefully the wait for the next videos will be worth it!!

New video: I finished a book! Matched

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I have been reading the book Matched on and off for about a month.

It began as mostly on, but then I lost interest as I go into much more detail in the video:

Suggest me some fun books for the next one if you liked this video! I do want to read more this year!

Lets go to the movies: Pitch Perfect

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The quick review is:
Pitch Perfect hit a bum note with me

The long review is:

Pitch Perfect as a concept never really struck me as something that I would be overly interested in, it just sounded like a singing variant of the Step Up films which never particularly interested me... but THEN

I saw a (misleading) billboard that desribed Pitch Perfect as a cross between Ted and Bridesmaids. I quite liked Ted although I found it sad, and I love love looove Bridesmaids, it's up there in my top five so I thought 'sign me up' anything that is half as funny and brilliant as Bridesmaids is worth seeing, so I thought.

What Pitch Perfect actually was, is more like High school Musical becomes University Musical.

I have no problem with High school Musical, but there's a time and a place for it! So I was a little dissapointed as I didn't laugh at all.

The story is focused on a single greeby/emo girl that comes across as a bit spoilt and a bit like she's trying too hard to come across as 'different' or 'quirky' who is in no way funny.

She joins a hobby of singing in a failing acapella singing group at University along with a bunch of other characters, the funniest (although still not funny) being Fat Amy (I'm not being rude, that's actaully what she calls herself) who dances like a mermaid:

Aside from that it's film cliche after cliche, boy meets girl, steals a glance, bla bla bla...

I guess it's great if you're looking for something lighthearted to pass the time, but it's certainly not a laugh-out-loud comedy

New video: Warming up!

Friday, 4 January 2013

I thought of the best trick ever the other night, I decided to heat my bed up with a hairdryer by blasting the sheets for about 45 seconds before hopping in.

It seriously was one of the greatest ideas I have ever had!

I'm thinking about patenting it!

If you have trouble sleeping this might help you out a little as it's sooo lovely to get into a warm bed and much more relaxing...

Here I demonstrate for you!




These boots were made for walking!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's my wardrobe staple forever and always:

Black ankle boots.

I've gotten through so many pairs in the past two years (maybe five or six?) and they all come from New Look and cost between £20-£30

They were and still are my wardrobe staple even though they caused me a million and one dilmenas including:
They would fall apart spontaneously

They would let the rain in after about a week of wear

They had no grip so I've been a victim of many 'near fall' accidents

But still I wear them and re buy another pair and another pair!

I came home for Christmas and my boot had a mouth and my mum said to me 'Get some new shoes!' but I'd only had this pair of boots since October so I was reluctant to throw them out, even though they were in tatters.

Finally I gave in, and opted for a different pair of ankle boots from somewhere else that might last me a little longer.
These are from Asos for £30
Cowboy-style low ankle boots.

They have a buckle and then a chain at the back which I was a bit sceptic about but in real life it's much nicer and they don't clank together to make me sound like a walking piggy bank.

The sole is a really pretty striped pattern which I guess no one will actually see.

But I love them, and they might last a little longer with a bit of luck!

If only I'd kept my old pair to show you, and all my old pairs to do a Boot-murial haha!

My first fresh blog post!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ahhh! I'm breathing in the fresh new year, and feeling a lot of pressure to make this blog post something special so that I can start my new blogging year right!

The blessing of having a (almost) daily blog is that I can reflect on the past year pretty easily, almost with just a click and I can tell you, or I'm sure you can tell too when I'm up, when I'm down, when I'm feeling inspired and creative and ready to take on things, and when I'm feeling knocked back or scared.

The most memorable points of my life in 2012 were:
-Starting this blog
-Starting a youtube account
-Finishing School
-Moving away from home
-Beginning university

I don't want to set myself a New years resolution because I make myself little goals and resolutions most weeks, maybe most days- you do too if you're a 'to do' list sort of person! All I hope is that I can make this year better, happier and more fun than the last year.
I'm excited to blog about it so that I won't forget a part of it, and I'm excited for you to read it.

Thank you for your support through 2012, my first year of blogging!