Starter pack for university

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Today I've started packing for my departure on the weekend, it's very daunting even though I moved house just a year ago to pack up all the things that I need but still leaving behind the things that I don't 'need' since my dorm room will be a little matchbox size!

Today I was presented with great kindness by my mum my 'university starter pack' she had to go for things that were not perishable, so think tin cans, dry packets and long life foods, here's what I got:

2 packets of corn thins (rice cakes but made of corn)
2 cartons of soya milk
1 bar of lindtt extra creamy milk chocoalte
2 jars of Lloyds grossman pasta sauce in my favourite flavour (chargilled veg)
1 tin of sweetcorn
1 tin of chopped tomatos
1 packet of antibacterial wipes
2 kelloggs variety cereal packs
4 toilet rolls
1 bag of pasta
1 bag of gnocci
1 carton of cranberry juice
2 750ml bottles of water
1 bottle of rapeseed oil
1 hello kitty selction box
1 box of Weetabix
1 jar of smooth peanut butter
2 original source shower gels (1 mint, 1 choc mint)
2 tubes of toothpaste
4 baked beans snap pots
1 box of brunch bars
3 tins of tuna
1 bottle of shampoo
2 jars of green pesto
1 bottle of 'sleep relaxtion' spray from Avon
1 Hello Kitty shopping tote to carry my food shopping back!
1 'Student Nosh' cookbook

I can squeeze it alll just about in my suitcase!
You can rely on mums to set you up above and beyond what you need to make sure you can look after yourself!


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