24 hour Bold Matte Super Stay lip colour from Maybelline - Peach Cocktail mess-tail

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I was completely tempted by the Barbie pink colour of the Maybelline Peach Cocktail lip colour- in the bottle it looked plastic fantastic and something that I just wanted to eat! In the blog post I wrote about i called it Pink Cocktail which i actually think is a more appropriate name but that's by-the-by.
The first time I applied this it went on great, I was using the little mirror in the car, minimal lighting and it just went on beautifully and the colour was so perfect and pigmented- it really does look on the lips how it does in the tube.
I held my lips apart slightly while I waited for it to dry, and it does sort of dry to a sticky consistency so the clear balm on the other end was a relief to use and funnily enough, providing the colour on your lips is dry it does not rub off on the balm leaving a ugly stained residue on the balm- which is great! The balm provides some much needed relief from the stickyness too.
So we came home and ate dinner and lo and behold my lipcolour was still intact, we were all very surprised as it still looked vibrant and neat!

I tried to recreate this the following day and I made a few mistakes that meant the whole thing turned into turmoil:
I pressed my lips together after I had applied the colour which smudged the colour completely and as it dries so quickly it had gone all lumpy on my lips and just did not look good - don't panic- I thought I'll just apply another layer. So I apply another layer and it sort of had the same effect as when you apply another layer of nail polish to an already lumpy layer - it just enhanced the lumps. Don't panic, I'll apply some balm to smooth it all over, but it didn't work. After some careful maneuvering and re applying I was able to make the colour look sort of acceptable on my lips and decided to amp up the colour staying power even more I'd apply some Lipcote. Big mistake! Some kind of chemical reaction occured on my lips and I ended up looking like I had botox gone wrong

The colour went lumpy, it crumbled, it flaked- it just didn't look good, but if you squint you can see how the colour is supposed to look if you blur out the messes.

So my verdict is:
The product is good, the product stays but it has to be exactly the right circumstances to get the desired effect.


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