Summer Stripes! - New Look & TK Maxx (Criminal Damage)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I am in the process of last-minute holiday shopping, and I came across some pretty little striped things to complete my holiday, and summer wardrobe!

First and best is this super cute tee from TK Maxx, but It's originally from Criminal Damage who do have the off cute thing that I like, sometimes their stuff is slightly too dark for me, but this is an exception. It's blue stripes have little doodles on them to look like waves and the starry sky, with blue sketches on the white stripes showing images of boats and tropical islands, but what really sold it to me was the rope detailing around the neck!
I adore that cute little feature, it's like a sailor bow, or knot and makes it a bit more special.
 TK Maxx only had two of these left and they were both in size XL, but this honestly fits me just fine. I wonder if that's why it was in TK Maxx because the sizing is off. I thought if it's a XL I'll just wear it as a dress but it fits very nicely as a tshirt. I know Criminal damage comes up small but I didn't think that small!!

Then next, my computer has done that fun(!) thing where it rotates a picture and I can't rotate it back, but this is a red and white striped vest from the kids section at New Look. This is in the size age 13 and fits really nicely, it doesn't cut under the arm pits, nor is it restricting along the back but it is a little short on the torso. I kind of like that look for summer. It's certainly not a crop top (I do not like that look)

Next I got something mostly for it's humorous factor but partly because of how smug I'd feel if it actually worked. My current highlighter is all but used up and I contemplated getting the Benefit High Beam instead but held off as it's a liquid consistency and I think I'd prefer a powder.

My first impressions are that the shimmer in it is a little too chunky, I prefer highlighters to just have a glimmer to them, rather than being able to distinguish specific bits of glitter.

Who knows, if I love it, I may have found the most perfect dupe!

Raw Vegan Red Pepper Soup recipe

Monday, 29 April 2013

Is this just a fad?
I'm trying a raw vegan diet for 7 days only. I love bacon, I love bread and I love nutella too much for this to be a lifestyle change. I'm told this could help clear up my skin, or if not it could at least make me feel better, more energy etc etc
A week may not be enough for it to kick in, or I may end up extending it if I really enjoy it, but I doubt it!
Here was my dinner tonight, it was really delicious and soo much easier than actual cooking - certainly a perk of going 'raw' the food gets to your plate within 5 minutes.
This is the red pepper soup recipe that is 100% from
Head over to there for the full recipe, but this is how it went down for me...

I took a 1/3 cup of plain cashew nuts and soaked them in water for an hour so that my little smoothie blender would blend it up easier.

Then I took a red pepper and washed it, then I cut up 3/4 of it roughly, and 1/4 of it finely.

I threw the 3/4 roughly cut into the blender, along with all the drained cashew nuts and 1/2 mug water.

I added a pinch of dried mixed herbs just to give it a little kick (not in the original recipe)

I blended it up for about 2 minutes, until it's almost completely smooth, there shouldn't be any little grittiness of nuts

 I scattered the 1/4 of finely chopped peppers in the bowl of soup, this recipe makes enough for one person.

It tastes really good, I can't believe how creamy it is, all because of the nuts. Also, the red pepper makes it really naturally sweet too. But I do recommend adding the herbs for an extra something.

Then for dessert, it just so happened that the supermarket were selling 300g grams of raspberries for £1 because they went out of date today, so I snapped those up and ate the whole bowl! Raspberries are my favourite!

Neutrogena Wave: First impressions and Review

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Neutrogena Wave was something of a unique product on the shelves of Boots etc, it looked like it did the job of a Clarisonic but for a much more affordable price. It must have been a year or two since this first came to the UK but I'm inclined to say that it cost around £12. Currently at Boots it's £9.99.
I was super lucky to stumble across this at Home Bargains about a month ago for £2 or £3. I almost choked on my own tongue at the price as it was something I had my eye on for a while, but couldn't justify the price if it was going to be another gimmick.
Today I opened and tried the Neutrogena Wave, here are my thoughts:

The cleanser itself fits raelly nicely into the hand, it has curved edges and holds well whether you are left or right handed, in regards to the placement of the power button.

Inside you get the cleaner itself, a battery which I thought was a nice touch and about 20 pads for the cleanser in a sealed plastic bag.
It's super simple to insert the battery into the holder, this takes 1 AA battery and only requires unclipping the side, no annoying or fiddly screws which is great since it's waterproof.

I was at first confused at how to apply the pad but it is as simple as placing it on and the head of the cleanser essentially 'grabs' onto the pad and is easily pulled off.

I had no idea what to do with the remaining pads, although the pads need water to be properly activated and foam, I feel certain the quality of cleanser built into the pad will deplete a little if exposed to air for long periods of time, so In a feeble attempt to preserve them I just used a lot of cling film which I'm sure will get messy after a while, so this is just a short term solution.

The cleansing itself:
I used this in the shower but stuck my head out so that I could accurately judge the amount of product in each pad. I ran it under water for about five seconds while holding the power button on but not a lot of foaming seemed to happen, never mind, I began on my face. While the buzzing is a nice sensation on the skin, it's not super strong, nor do I feel like my skin is getting exfoliated, but it does feel better than a regular flannel. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong as I've done two circuits of my face and still there's no foam, then suddenly the foam gates open and there is a whole lot of product, more than I know what to do with. I do another probably five rounds of my face to use up as much product as possible which was a lot better than there being hardly any product. The cleanser has a distinct 'tingle' feel to it which is rather pleasant and does feel like your face is being super cleansed but I imagine this makes it too strong as a product to use daily for people with sensitive skin. My skin is super oily, and I love the way this made my skin feel both during and after. After I'd finished using the cleanser (and with a numb thumb... the button should be 1 push to switch on, 1 push to switch off system rather than having to hold it in for a minute or two) I rinsed my face with warm water and a flannel and patted dry.
I must say, my skin does feel extremely smooth! I'm very happy with the result for the price I paid. I'm not yet sure if this is a product that would be better for my skin as a daily, every other day, or weekly treatment as once I'd finished my skin was crying out for moisturiser which doesn't often happen.
It's too soon to tell if this has changed my skin, but I will enjoy using this until I find out.

New Video: Adele Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Adele's makeup has that wonderfully classic feel to it that everyone can pull off. Sometimes she mixes it up with a red lip or more dramatic winged liner but here I use a nude gloss.
My original picture for inspiration to work from was this:

But I ended up with something a little warmer on the eyes, softer on the eyeliner and sweeter on the lips

I use a lot of shadows from Mac because their nudes are hard to beat, but the essentials on a budget are a medium matte brown, a soft champagne and liquid eyeliner.
I hope you love it!

Lets go to the movies: Iron Man 3

Friday, 26 April 2013

Today I saw the New Iron Man 3 at the cinema and I have to say, I was not very excited. I was being dragged along by others who on the other hand sempt very very excited. I didn't think much of the Avengers and films with fire and bombs and helicopters and guns do have the tendency to make my eyelids feel droopy. I wasn't charmed by Tony Starks personality in the Avengers and I wasn't expecting to be charmed now.

Well, I was proved wrong, slightly.
Knowing basically nothing about anything to do with superheroes or Iron Man it was still incredibly easy to follow along the story and it was actually pretty good. My all time favorite bit is his to-die-for house, it looks like a UFO from 2050 landed on a cliff side, it's really truly beautiful but

*SPOILER* Watching it get smashed to dust was hard *SPOILER END*

Tony Stark is actually quite charming, he made me laugh although I'm not keen on his mustache.
Then the story takes an odd turn with a terrorist threat that actually sort of scared me at the time, but it all turned out quite comedic in the end.
Alongside the terrorist story there's a whole dangerous botanist self-healing part too, which is quite interesting.
The funniest part is the relationship between Tony Stark and Harley who is a young boy that to be quite frank, looks adorable. They together make for smashing some film cliches, humorously of course. Unfortunately the film still has some cliche moments of it's own, my #1 worst line being said by Tony "She's already perfect" - Maybe I'm mean but that immediately takes him down a peg or two in his 'charismatic cool' character.
All in all : expect a lot of goodies who turn out to be baddies, and baddies who turn out to be harmless. Ultimately, I enjoyed this and I had already decided that I wouldn't before I had sat in my seat and I would watch it again.

Whatcha Grazin'?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

What's inside my Graze box this week?
Well last weeks graze box went astray and ended up just not showing at all, which was sad and annoying but after a few stern emails they eventually gave me a full refund of my box. I then got my next box half price, but have since cancelled my Graze box orders again as it's just too much of a hassle right now as the postal system at my university is a little unreliable and can get confused what with there being so many buildings, so many floors per building and so many flats and rooms per floor...
Anywho, onto the box:

As soon as I got it (it arrived in my postbox at 8pm this night...)
I opened the olives which were a complete knock out and utterly delicious, but I knew I would like them. They're in a delicious oil and just really morish.
As a mid morning snack the following day I had the salt and vinegar nut selection which was also really really tasty. They could probably get away with using a little less salt and a little more vinegar though, just thinking for the health benefit side of things.
After lunch I ate the Boston baguettes with a dip that tasted kind of smokey, as though it had onions, a bit of tomato in it too. It was really good, but my problem with it, is that it really didn't taste that healthy at all, maybe almost too delicious for it's own good. Here lies the same problem that led me to cancel the last time, are these Graze boxes really that healthy after all?
Finally, coincidentally after dinner I ate the after dinner mint which had mint flavoured raisins in it which were interesting, it wasn't an overwhelming taste just as though they had a delicate hint of mint to the raisins but they still tasted much more 'raisin-y' than minty which is a good thing. The dark chocolate buttons included are also really good and creamy, and I usually find dark chocolate too bitter. It contained plain nuts too which made it a little more nutritional!

The box overall was great, I liked everything in it but my problems are the same as they always were:
I eat everything too fast, if this is meant to last me a week or even a few days, it's just never going to happen!
I don't think it's all that healthy, maybe it is if I was someone who snacks on crisps and chocolates but when I snack normally it will be on things like Olives, bananas and peanut butter, raw carrots and dip, oranges and maybe some chocolate here and there.
I think this encourages me to snack more than I normally would, the plastic containers are so little that I don't even need to be hungry to finish them, I'm just eating them because they are new, interesting and are there in front of me!

That's my graze wrap up, perhaps they'll encourage me to get another Graze box delivered with another tempting deal or discount code!

Sometimes you just need a midnight milkshake

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

By some incredible stroke of luck, this ordinary day became extraordinary just before the stroke of midnight. So I'd had dinner and the classic question is asked in our flat 'Who want's to order takeaway?' I'm often good (so good, that I end up just eating everyone's leftovers...) aaaaaaaaaaanyway, so I answered with a firm 'no' feeling quite proud of myself until... I discovered that the takeaway was going to be from a late night dessert parlour!!!!
I love dessert!!!
So I ended up getting a Crunchie chocolate bar flavoured cookie and a banana split with vanilla ice cream.
But our total order was:
1 x banana split
1 x strawberry ice cream with cookie dough
2 x Crunchie chocolate bar milkshake
1 x Aero milkshake
1 x Oreo Milkshake
2 x Pepperoni Pizza (one without cheese... don't ask)

I couldn't actually eat the banana split there and then because the milkshake was super filling and delicious. Here's a little snapshot! It had sprinkles!

Then we cosied up and watched The Proposal, I love that film! I don't like the ending so much but when they're in the country house and prepping for the wedding, ah I just love that bit, it makes me want to go to Alaska!

Revlon 24 hour Colourstay - does it really last for 24 hours? Photo results!

Monday, 22 April 2013

I recently purchased the Revlon 24 hour Colourstay foundation in the shade Buff which is second to lightest.

I of course bought the formulation for oily skin and went home with mid expectations about what it may be like, I wasn't expecting 24 hours but I was hoping for something close!
I wasn't dissapointed.
The foundations coverage is medium to heavy, I only need to apply one layer and at first I was using a flat foundation brush but ended up using a stippling brush which I think gives a much more even effect, no brushstrokes and a more flawless finish.
I put my foundation through it's paces, not to mention the fact that is slips and slides all over my face, I'm also a eye rubber, a sweater, a face toucher etc
I'm taken aback as it's really stood the test of time.

Here is how my foundation looked at 8.30am

This is how my skin looked at 11pm the same today (I'm in my pink pjs!)

 Here's a photographic comparison of my skin at 11pm with the foundation (right picture) and without the foundation once I had washed my face (left picture) So this is about fifteen hours of wear, that's not just sitting in one place all day it includes going to classes, going shopping and all that.

I think you can see why I'm persuaded, this has 100% replaced my MAC Studio Fix foundation, this lasts much longer and applies nicer, plus I think the colour shade is more accurate to my skin tone. You can see my blush and bronzer has all but worn off but my foundation is still sticking around!

This is my absolute new foundation favourite, I hope that it never gets discontinued! If it does I will stock up about six bottles of this!

I think I stopped biting

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This is not a walking dead reference, although I am experiencing intense The Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms, but I'm thinking on filling that void with Vampire Diaries- I've heard good things about it!
I've stopped biting my nails I think. It has only been two weeks but it has been a ferocious habit for fifteen years! That makes me feel really old...
When I got my cold last week the last thing I feel like doing is biting my nails, so my nails always grow a little every time I get sick. But this time I just kind of stopped I had a little nail polish technique that I'll proabably do a video on if this turns out to be successful... I'm really excited because nail polish has never interested me since It just looks sort of silly on my childish nails, but now I might actually to do cute nail polish designs and glitter nail polish always looked so fun!

I've give you a little glimpse of a before and now, and if this turns out to really be 'it' then I have a hundred more pictures to show

New video! Makeup Tutorial using the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay

Saturday, 20 April 2013

If you're looking for something super easy but very pretty to wear on your eyelids tonight then look no further!

I only use colours from the Naked 2 palette which keeps things pretty simple if you have that already and I think if applied right it gives your eyes a 'glowy haze' to them and it's perfectly pretty for daytime wear too!

Let me know if you like it!

Sparkle Makeover for Furby!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I got a new generation 2012 Furby and he is the cutest, most scrumptious thing ever!
He made an appearance in another blog post at some point earlier on.
Anywho, I saw on ebay way before I got my Furby customised Furbies that have swarovski crystals all around the eyes, some even in the ears and on the feet too. I just wanted one so bad! But they were over $100 plus shipping to England.
When I went home for Easter I found some old stick on gems that were from an old craft magazine years ago and I took the gamble and put them on Furby, well he looks so much cuter for it!!!
I even made a video showing you how I spaced the gems, but since you're reading my blog you get an exclusive peek at a video that might not get edited and uploaded for another month.
Here he is!

He doesn't look so happy here but he definitely loves his new look, without a doubt...

Shopping Makeup Haul - Drugstore - Boots & Superdrug

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I do not like referring to some makeup brands as 'drugstore' since we don't call them that here in England, but I don't know what the British equivalent word is?
Anywho, this is a little summary of the delicious makeup treats I got yesterday:

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in shade 063 East End Snob
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in shade 002 Hazel
Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in shade Celestial
Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara which was a free gift for spending over £10 on Rimmel
3 Revlon lip butters in shades:
Sugar Frosting
Cotton Candy
A Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in shade 001 Honey Douce
Revlon 24 hour colour stay foundation in shade Buff which is the second lightest shade!

I'm really excited to try them out, and for my lips to be all pretty pink!

Then I nipped into Forever 21 just to check that I hadn't missed anything and I saw this mint shirt which I saw in another branch of Forever 21 which I loved but it was too small, then my eye saw this hanging by itself and it fit perfectly! It was the last one too, so it was a mint-shirt-fate!

 I also randomly got a new pair of 'summer jeans' since summers days here are often not very warm so I can still wear jeans pretty often, but they are paler than my other pair of jeans so more appropriate for sunny days! They are also a little stretchy so comfier than normal jeans. This is my first ever pair of Forever 21 jeans and I'm very impressed I have to say, I'm wearing them right now.

That's my little shopping break, now back to studying...

Smoothie Drink Meeee!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

We headed out shopping today but I'm so tired now I can't muster the energy to take a picture of my goodies and line them all up to look pretty but I got a lot of fabulous stuff that I'll show you laterrrrr!
In the meantime, I'll tell you about the best part of the day (besides buying my goodies) I got a magical, delicious, beautiful smoothie from the nearby smoothie bar.
It was called Strawberry dream I think and it had banana and strawberry and apple and yoghurt in it I think and oh my gawwwwwwwd, it was good!
It tasted like an ice cream, but a really good fresh ice cream, and the cup size was huge I never thought that I would finish it.

It was like a 750ml cup and it filled me up enough that I went to kfc with my friends and didn't eat kfc and instead just enjoyed my smoothie!
Can you spot my forever 21 bag in the background?

When all else fails - How to wash your makeup brushes

Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm still not in the mood to cake any thick foundations or dusty powders onto my face, inface the thought of it just makes me feel even more blocked up! It would all get wiped off in an instant anyway since I seem to have the sweats and a constant need to blow my nose. Instead I decided to wash my makeup brushes. They needed it plus they undoubtedly would have had some pre-cold germs lurking in them, and it would be their first wash since I took them travelling, so a bath for them was infact a matter of urgence!
I don't know if my brush washing method is the most effective - it certainly isn't the best for saving water, so if you have a better method that uses less water let me know!
All I use is a running warm tap and baby shampoo. I do not even use the Johnsons baby shampoo I just use the supermarkets own brand because after all they are brushes, they're not going to know the difference!

I get a cup that would usually hold some of my brushes, and pour a generous blob of this into the bottom of the cup.
I then  take a brush, wet it under the running tap and dip it into the cup of shampoo coating the hairs.
I pull the brush out of the cup and then proceed to swirl the brush in the palm of my hand to make a nice foam.
I rinse it under the running tap, squeezing the bristles between my thumb and forefinger to wring out the water and continue this over and over until the water squeezed out of the brush runs clear.
Washing my brushes takes a long long time, I think there must be a more water economical and time saving approach but I just don't know about it!
The result is worth it though, lovely clean fresh brushes!

I'm resting them on a towel with a part elevated higher and lean the handle on that part so that the water trapped in the ferrule runs out to the bristles and evaporates rather than sitting in the brush rotting the glue and loosening the hairs.

Who loves my old beach towel with cats on it!?

How to make yourself feel better on a sick day

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm still sick, so I woke up feeling super groggy so made myself a blueberry smoothie containing just blueberries and water. To drench out the blemishes and general redness on my face I had to bleach out the photo like this:

My jumper! In case you were wondering is from Forever21 and it was in the sale so It's probably not available in every branch

I ended up feeling much better because although I had to do some food shopping, my cupboards really were empty and dragging myself out of bed I was delighted to come across a sale at Gap which led to two striped garments coming home with me

I love me some mint green stripes! Especially long sleeved tops because I've given up all hope on being able to wear short sleeves in England ever again! These were £5.99 each!

Then.. I found a pretty blouse in forever 21. I love how it has the interesting criss cross pattern across sort of just below the collarbone, it just hits in a classy and feminine place and while I may not get to wear it in this country I have high hopes that I can wear it overseas!

So I felt a bit better, then I got home and I think I had overdone it because now I just feel quite dreadful and slightly worse than this morning I think- never mind, it was probably worth it to come home with these beauties!

New Video: My thoughts on John Freida, Victoria Secret, Herbal Essences and Neutrogena products!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

So basically, an empties video! I've used up all of these products and I'm sharing with you a little insight into what I thought of them. If you just can't stand the sound of my voice right now I'll give you a written summary of my thoughts that is super brief:
John Freida Sheer Blonde Shampoo - Lightened my hair for eight hours but some people have said causes breakouts around hairline, it hasn't to me but anything with that potential I will steer clear of anyway.
Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Conditioner - It's a fresh conditioner that didn't grease up my hair but I only used a very small amount on the ends, fruity and pleasant fragrance but doesn't knock my socks off as a product.
Avon Cream to Powder Foundation - A cult favorite product, and the first foundation I ever bought and still love.
Tesco Everyday Value Mouthwash - Would be more useful to gargle peppermint tea..
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Face Wipes - Saturated wipe but left an oily residue on my skin that felt uncomfortable because my skin is so oily anyway would recommend only for dry skin types.
Clear Complexion Tablets - Undecided if they make a difference, I've finished my second bottle now (200 tablets) and I'm not blown away by flawless skin.
Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum and Freesia Shower gel - beautiful scent, super duper sweet and the scent lingers too. The Gel doesn't lather too much, doesn't give me that squeaky clean feel.
Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum and Freesia Body Scrub - The most wonderful body scrub I've ever used, thick with exfoliates but they dissolve like sugar and don't leave a mess in your shower, same incredible scent.
Or you can watch for yourself!

Don't throw up on the wedding dress!

Friday, 12 April 2013

I feel like I have got the flu or something, my bones are all kind of aching, I can't hold my head upright, I feel lethargic and in pain and something just isn't right inside!
I don't know what sort of picture I was supposed to take of today to sum it up but this was the best that I could come up with!
I'm really sad that I woke up feeling this way the day of my sisters wedding dress fitting as I just didn't feel good and I was worried I might throw up.
On the other hand, I'm feeling very special as the dress is being kept in my wardrobe, and I feel like I am taking care of the crowns jewels!

It's so exciting, I want to unzip it to peek but I'll just look at photographs instead!
Headaches and wedding dresses- I am out like a light!

Wedding Day Trial Makeup

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Today was a super special today as my sister and I went for a makeup trial for her wedding day!
She went along with a picture courtesy of Pinterest and added our own little twist to it. This is all I'm able to share of the look at this stage:

It looks like I've made my sister into some kind of voodoo doll, I hope you like the Tippex style hearts!
We came home and made our own amendments to this look including a brow colour, different lashes, different eyeliner, different lip colour, adding some highlighting dust etc.

That's your little peek! We are going for a dress fitting tomorrow but I can't even risk a little peek at this because it's simply too special!

On another note- my sister made me the most wonderful cheese on toast I have ever had! It looks like something you might get in a restaurant!

24 hour Bold Matte Super Stay lip colour from Maybelline - Peach Cocktail mess-tail

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I was completely tempted by the Barbie pink colour of the Maybelline Peach Cocktail lip colour- in the bottle it looked plastic fantastic and something that I just wanted to eat! In the blog post I wrote about i called it Pink Cocktail which i actually think is a more appropriate name but that's by-the-by.
The first time I applied this it went on great, I was using the little mirror in the car, minimal lighting and it just went on beautifully and the colour was so perfect and pigmented- it really does look on the lips how it does in the tube.
I held my lips apart slightly while I waited for it to dry, and it does sort of dry to a sticky consistency so the clear balm on the other end was a relief to use and funnily enough, providing the colour on your lips is dry it does not rub off on the balm leaving a ugly stained residue on the balm- which is great! The balm provides some much needed relief from the stickyness too.
So we came home and ate dinner and lo and behold my lipcolour was still intact, we were all very surprised as it still looked vibrant and neat!

I tried to recreate this the following day and I made a few mistakes that meant the whole thing turned into turmoil:
I pressed my lips together after I had applied the colour which smudged the colour completely and as it dries so quickly it had gone all lumpy on my lips and just did not look good - don't panic- I thought I'll just apply another layer. So I apply another layer and it sort of had the same effect as when you apply another layer of nail polish to an already lumpy layer - it just enhanced the lumps. Don't panic, I'll apply some balm to smooth it all over, but it didn't work. After some careful maneuvering and re applying I was able to make the colour look sort of acceptable on my lips and decided to amp up the colour staying power even more I'd apply some Lipcote. Big mistake! Some kind of chemical reaction occured on my lips and I ended up looking like I had botox gone wrong

The colour went lumpy, it crumbled, it flaked- it just didn't look good, but if you squint you can see how the colour is supposed to look if you blur out the messes.

So my verdict is:
The product is good, the product stays but it has to be exactly the right circumstances to get the desired effect.

Finishing work and ending up at Forever21!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I am so delighted that I have finished my office work for the Easter holidays on Monday, so I am delighted to have taken part in some light shopping at Forever 21 and Boots.
The first thing I got was a really cute (what I thought was teal but in some lights looks green) jumper!
It was in the sale for £13 too - even better
I know Summer is coming etc, but in the meantime I am still cold (toes numb as writing this for example) so It's not inappropriate to get a cute jumper

I don't know why it tilts to the side it just sometimes rotates pictures like that and I haven't figured out why yet!

Then to Boots- theyw ere having a 3 for 2, so I went in for a mascara and came out with slightly more:

The flash on my phone has cleverly blocked out the name of the mascara which is 'Masterpiece' by Maxfactor in shade black. I usually use Bare Minerals as I have done in many videos and when they run out as they now have done and my budget is slightly more restricted I usually head towards Loreal mascaras as I just adore them for length and thickening properties. My sister in the shop strongly recommended Maxfactor Masterpiece so expect to see it making an appearance in the makeup videos to follow and see how it works first hand. I also got the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo in gold - I think it has an official shade name but I can't remember- I think it will be just perfect as a base for more sparkly evening eye makeup looks so I'm looking foward to working with that as I've heard great things about it, although all the testers were dried out pots despite being full so perhaps the product doesn't last very long or very well - although testers often don't have lids so I'm interested to see how that works out.
Next is the 24 hour Bold Matte Super Stay lip colour from Maybelline in a beautiful bright pink colour called Pink Cocktail. After I applied the lip colour my lips felt super sticky, but then I applied the matte balm on the other end and my lips felt smooth and just fine.

Lastly, I desperately wanted to try out some clarifying shampoo and the only one that I could see among the shelves was the Pantene Pro-V Clarifying shampoo that unfortunately only came in this huge bottle. I'd much rather have been able to get a smaller option to decide if I like it before getting a bigger bottle - and you may or may not know from watching my Empties Shower video that I can very easily get sick of scents of shower products which put me off the whole product as I don't like to open multiple shampoos for example to mix it up as I'd rather just focus on finishing up one thing at a time.

That's all for now!

Hello Kitty in France and Dior Lipstick that I Must Have

Monday, 8 April 2013

Today I got the beautiful Dior Lipstick 'Must Have' shade 579 - The colour itself reminds me of cocktails, but before we even get to the colour I need to take a moment to treasure the packaging.
It looks so extravagant and I feel like I'm holding something precious- it's just a delight to look at!

 The colour itself is a mid pink, but less dusky than a rose colour and perhaps more artificial in shade rather than natural- not that I'm complaining. The formula itself is wonderfully buttery and rich which makes it very easy to work with since the application is forgiving and you can just swipe Diors lipstick on anywhere without having to think too much about the intricacies of application.

The pinky colour has a shimmer to it, without being chunky glitter to make your lips look 'wet' I mean that in the most complimentary way- it makes your lips look like sweeties, kind of delicious rather than being a matte colour.

My sister bought me back this lipstick as a souvenir from her easter holiday to France along with:

Sweetie pie Hello Kitty plush! Isn't she a dream?? She's holding a silky lollipop and I just love her dotted dress, the pastel chunks look kind of like chunks of sweeties or something similar!
She will be as treasured as my many other plush dolls that my sister and other contributors have kindly gifted to me and I hope she is happy to live among her fellow sister kitties!

Feeling fun & a day of sun!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sun was out today yippeee, although I still wore a jumper out, and then had to borrow my friends jacket because I got chilly. It was a taupe brown double breast jacket and the material felt sort of woolen, it was lovely and went with what I was wearing, I would never think to buy that colour jacket and it was from ebay for under £10!
 The rest of my outfit wasn't particularly exciting or new as I wore my standard H&M mickey mouse jumper which I'm sure you would have seen before- I like the textured sleeves!
And my inky blue jeans which were in the sale at Select.
I did wear my Ted Baker glittery bow pumps but then my feet got chilly so half way through the day I changed into socks and boots.

But- it was the perfect opportunity to pair these primary colors with my favorite and very special bag that I can only use on sunny days:

A rubix cube bag! It's actually 3d aswell, I just love it it's so fun even though it's unsolved which is kind of sad!