How to make life a little sweeter

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Regular decor can be so dull, how do you jazz up a room?

Maybe a new throw cushion

Maybe a new rug

Maybe a new lamp

But the 'feel' of the room hasn't raelly changed

Here, I gaurantee you genuine smiles and happiness all around by decorating your:

Dressing tables


Window ledges

Bed side tables

...with these cutie beauties!

They're pretend! Crafted with love by these guys at esty, shop here

All the sweetness, none of the calories and they last forever!

Mwah! Yum-a-dee-doo!

Amazing clothes & amazing causes

Monday, 7 May 2012

Shopping in charity shops is one thing, but there are lots of reasons why some people don't - Maybe one of these reasons sums up you?

1. The idea of used clothes isn't appealing to me

2. I never find anything that I like

3. There aren't any charity shops near me

4. Just going into those places makes me feel overwhelmed the amount of junk on display

5. I don't feel strongly enough about the charity to draw me inside

if this is YOU stay tuned- you are in for a treat!

is an amazing website, where a tshirt and hoodie design is made and produced and on sale for one week- and the proceeds go towards one specific charity; there's details on who the charity are, what they're about and what your purchase (i.e money) can do to help someone else.

Maybe you don't like this weeks design?

No problemo!

Next week they'll be a new design!
Supporting a new charity! (it can be solutions to sex trafficking, hunger, disease)

The best part?
The designs are beautiful, charming, whimsical and wearable

The price?

$22 for a shirt, $35 for a hoodie they often sell one design in a variety of shirt designs, sometimes jumpers too and in male and female designs

'Do they ship to me?'
I hear you cry!
YES! They ship worldwide!!

So while you're stocking up on clothes for summer, visit sevenly for new designs along with asos, forever21, H&M, Topshop- and wherever else you're shopping!

Saturday night movies

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I find that Saturdays are the only days that I can justify watching a good movie!
It seems to take some serious preparing to be able to just sit and relax for two hours and not move or do anything else.

Movies fall in lots of catagories- These are the Alexia catagories!

Movies I newly love - Movies I watch over and over - Movies I thought would be great

Movies that I newly love:
(the movies aren't necessarily new, but newly watched by me)
1. The Hunger Games - I love this film a lot, but I have to wait until it's available on DVD before I can watch it over and over, instead I've been listening to the movie score over and over... oh wow... it's amazing, Healing Katniss is my favourite track and one of my favourite scenes in the movie and everytime I listen to it, I see the scene playing out in my head so perfectly!

2.Like Crazy- made by an independant small film production but I sort of love it because of that, it's very raw and isn't dressed up with one climactic and dramatic event but more of a fly on the wall perspective of their lives, I wept... a lot!

3.Talhotblond - I know the spelling is ridiculous, but I would scream and shout this movie from the rooftops because I believe everyone (aged 18 and over it's got some explicit words) needs, needs, needs and MUST see this film. It is fantastically told and the ending is absolutely mind blowing and best or worst of all, depending how you look at it, it's a true story. You don't need to watch it over because the impact is so heavy that once it's hit you once you will not forget it. Please please resist all temptation to read spoilers, or sum ups of the movie instead, you simply must watch this film!

Movies I watch over and over:
1. Bridesmaids - If ever you need a full blown belly laugh, you will get it with this film, I find the situations utterly hysterical, it's one of those films where your sat there thinking, surely things aren't going to get any worse!? And then...they do

2. The Cove - uncovers a whole new perspective on Japans dolphin market, I myself am not an animal lover, but this film really hit a nerve and made me feel passionate about something I didn't think I'd care about, it got my heart racing because it is a documentary film and some filming is done undercover and it's pretty tense at points, but really wonderful and beautiful too.

3. In her shoes- funny, wonderful and a kind of unusual story done in a creative way, especially relatable if you have a sister, you can empathise with the sometimes utter frustration that those relationships can bring but also the humour and heart wrenching moments. I really love this film, it's one of my favourites (but i have about 20 million favourites)

Movies that were...underwhelming
1. The House Bunny - I loved the costumes and outfits, but the movie itself was slightly sleep inducing.

2. The notebook - don't hate me! I know I'm in the minority with this one but I simply didn't fall in love with the characters like I expected to

3. Borat - I was getting tired of people telling me how I simply have to watch this film and how funny it is. I was honestly heaving too much from the grossness to even crack a smile- not my film! Not one little bit!

Now, on with the movie!!!

Tired? Tired of being tired?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I know the feeling,

we all know the feeling, take a deep breathe, take a warm bath there is time for this in a time were you feel like there is no time for anything.

Appreciate the small things around you and the blessings in your day.

Here are the blessings in mine:

The sweet sunshine

My warm bed

Clean water when I wish

Being able to hear the day drawing to a close

Smelling fresh bread

My health

Remember: If you woke up with only the things you felt thankful for yesterday- what would you have today?


Friday, 4 May 2012

Since I've been born I've been branded a milky-white-vanilla-popsicle-snow-white sort of person, and this never really bothered me. I'm just not a 'tanning' sort of person- Big deal

Well it only started to bug me when I'd buy fake tan to look 'glowy and healthy' in the summer and not one of them took to my skin!
I tried L'oreal and Johnsons both of which I know lots of people love and swear by, but all it did to me was make my skin horribly greasy with lotion that didn't absorb in over night and a horrible fake tan smell with no fake tan!

I'd all but given up but was tempted by St Tropez mousse.

A mousse sounds good to me, less oily
AND! According to the label the classic 'fake tan' smell is almost non existant (but labels say a lot of things so I'll have to get back to you)

What didn't sound good to me was the £17 price tag from (and I can give you the update that they certainly have not changed their packaging methods since I last ordered, check my past post here to read what I'm talking about.

As eager as I am to try it out, I'm going to wait til Friday incase I have a tan-tastrophe and can hide away while it fades easier.

Also! I have a little cut and I don't want to make it horribly infected by putting on lotions, hopefully it will all be healed by Friday- if there's anything to make a boo-boo feel better it's Hello Kitty plasters

I'm hoping to give you a day-by-day pictures of how/if my tan develops over the days following, have you tried this product? Love it ? Hate it? Let me know!

Ahoy there Sailor!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

As well as the colour mint, I also love nautical themed things, I have been to so many fancy dress parties in a variety of Sailor outfits that it's almost silly! But not quite...

So my heart did a funny skip dance at the nautical MAC collection that's come out.

The packaging is cute with wavy blue stripes and it's all inspired by those pretty retro pin-up girls that remind me of the seaside!

So, what am I most looking foward to?
Jaunty- A frost eyeshadow (looks like sand from here!)

Handforged- Powerpoint eye pencil

Throw me a line! Ruby red lip pencil

Send me sailing- Lipglass
As much as I love nautical, these are the main things that interest me, there's a lot of orange toned products which are a big no no on my skin tone

But I can still appreciate the awesomeness of their names!

The name awards go to:

In Third place- Sea mist liquid lip balm - I think that sounds like just the thing to put on some sun frazzled lips

In Second place- Jaunty - I just love that word! We should use that in everday language 'her haircut is so jaunty!'

In First place-............... Launch Away! - I can hear the cannon balls flying through the air as we speak!

What's your favourites from the new collection?

Natural School & Work Makeup and smart outfit!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Isn't is the nicest when you have a little extra time in the mornings to 'do things properly'
My morning wasn't the usual flurry of pulling on my clothes while spoon feeding myself cereal  and I got to breathe a sigh of releif and take it slowly!

So here's whats on my face:
Bare Minerals foundation in shade Fairly Light
Blusher on my cheek bones in shade Well Dressed by MAC
Tiniest bit of bronzer in my cheek hollows product is by Bare Minerals and called Warmth (I don't believe thats the name of the shade, just the nameof the products)
Body Shop Red lip tint on my lips
Slick of vaseline over the top!
Cosmic brown eyeliner by Avon
Black Mascara by Bare Escentuals

How did you do your hair?
Read my old blog post here (it has a bazillion pictures and is so super easy)

The scoop on my outfit:

Pretty blue knitted jumper came from a Next outlet store , very pretty and comfy but also smart when paired with a suit

Grey wool suit came from the regular Next store, it's comfy but the skirt shifts about the wasit through the day as it has no elastic in the waist which can make it a little uncomfy and impractical at times, but I like that it hits just right on the leg (it's hard to tell from the awkward picture angle) and that it's not pleated, but kind of wavy and girly rather than standard straight pencil skirts

I pair it with a matching blazer, black opaque tights and some black flat shoes and a few rings on each hand and I'm good to go!

Why worry?

This bird picture made me smile- he looks like he's really worrying and pondering over life!

A year is a short space of time but a lot can happen- can you remember where you were in your life a year ago, and worries you had?
Me neither.
Because they don't matter anymore; they're not a part of our life anymore.

This is super important to focus on, those worries nestled in your brain and the things that are getting you down...
Will it matter a year from now?

My mum would always tell me the amazing statistic that 90% of the things that you worry about never even happen

...and when you think about it, it's so true- we worry more about things that might happen than things that have happened

So instead focus on the future, finding and reaching your dreams and goals.

Think about...

What will we wish we had done in a years time?


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It hurts our purse, feet, and shoulders, carrying all those bags
But prom season is upon us!

So a video is in order on how to get your perfect prom dress and not have the process be so gosh darn painful!

For those of us who are not buying prom dresses, these tips are universal for every kind of shopping trip! Nowadays, I tend to do more little bits here and there online than a big shop in stores because it's so gosh darn tiring.

Here's the video:

Prom perfection tips:

-Avoid the temptation to get your dress online, photographs of clothes are not the same as wearing it on yourself as you want to look at your absolute best!

-If you are buying your dress online, be wary of websites that are based in China, often the dresses are immitations of the ones pictures rather than the actual one photographed and the quality suffers because of this, think shoddy stitching and uneven seams and you'll get what I mean