The OFFICIAL Wedding Photographs

Friday, 6 September 2013

They have arrived, and are so undeniably stunning!
A real Pinterest-perfection wedding that really caught the essence of the day.
I don't want to share them all as not only would that take a long time (there's 1400 of them) but there are also some more private moments that I guess would not feel right to share. As much as it felt like it was my wedding, it was not.
And yes I did my makeup on the day, and I have created an exclusive supporting blog post with pictures to demonstrate how I did that, this isn't something that I have or ever plan to make a video on.

Without further ado, a few treats for the eyes!

I know that not everyone would be too happy about having pictures of themselves of a very intimate event made very public, so I've tried to respect that in what I show you, I hope that you enjoyed the little invite into the magic day! I already have two albums full of photographs, maybe 200 photos in total and I still want more!


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