Moving from England to China for a year - The Recap

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It's astounding that a year ago or so I was sat in my bedroom in the UK writing blog posts, hoping that the following year I'd find a way to move to China for a year, and hoping upon hope that I'd find a way to make it through at least a month without running home to Europe, crying most probably. The only way that I got here I can describe as being through a moment of insanity, or lots of little moments of insanity. I applied to ten internships in China, each time that I gathered the courage to send off an application was, I believe, a little insanity moment without pondering too much what might come of it. In this way I learnt a useful lessons, often the best choices are the ones we don't think about too much. All I knew was that I wanted to visit China for a little bit, so I just had to hope that the rest would fall into place.

Afterwards I began reading stories about other expats moving to China for prolonged periods. I'd read through their success stories and the cynic in me would think, that's great for you, you must be that sort of person! Someone who is a natural world traveller and go-getter. I on the other hand, am not... I don't think...

I'd like to point out at this point that I do not consider myself:
  • A seasoned traveller
  • A natural linguist
  • Particularly adventurous

Yet somehow, even I have had the most stupendous, wonderful, exhilarating year that I couldn't ever even imagine. Full of 'pinch me I must be dreaming' moments.
Throughout my stay in China I have filled up two A5 Spiral ring diaries, and hundreds of pages, writing at least a page for every single day I've been here, I didn't miss one! And I didn't tire on reflecting upon the magic of China!

So, can I summarise the year in a single blog post? Not even close, that will be made up of a lot of little posts in time to come, but what I really want to highlight on is how this adventure came to be, due to my slightly reckless, slightly immature, slightly naive approach to
Say 'Yes' and  figure it out afterwards
I'm so thankful, that way back in December 2013 I had a moment of madness to accept an internship in China, and I hope I'm brave enough to ride the waves of mad moments in the future, and I really really hope that you are too, because it makes for the
unregrettable and unforgettable!


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