Urban Decay Black Market Eyeliners

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An easy way to brighten up and change out the regular eye look that you wear day in, day out is to consider changing your default colour of eyeliner for something else.
Cobalt blue water lines may frighten you a little, but changing a classic black for a maple syrup brown that brings out the warmth in your eyes, 
or for a steel grey to soften the look, 
an inky blue to contrast with brown eyes 
or a khaki green to created subtle twist on a brown neutral eyeshadow

So.. I'm sure that you can tell where I'm going with this, I highly recommend eye colours, lots of them, the more the merrier because it's a great way to change everything without really having to do anything different.
I already have a supply of browns, bronzes, blacks,whites and greys but none Urban Decay and I had heard terrific things about the staying power of UDs so when I saw a set of Black Market liners travel size in a variety of colours I just couldn't resist.
Here is the 411 with swatches, names and up close and personals.

From left to right:
Apathy - Glittery grassy green
Riot- Aubergine purple
West- Bronzey brown
Ink- Deep blue
Black Market- Satin black
Desperation - Steely gray

The consistency of these liners is second to none, beautiful and creamy without smudging, pigmented without movingout of place. These eyeliners are life proof, these swatches did not come off until I got into the shower and then I had to scrub and basically exfoliate my skin off to get rid of the pigment.

But I did notice that as the swatches wore on, one eyeliner became indistguinishable from the other as far as colour is concerned, they all began to look like various shades of grey.

I jsut want to point out at this point that this was a travel set, so they are considerably smaller than your regular eyeliner:

Aaaaand, they do not have a 'twist up' function, so once that nib is gone, it is goooone. Not a whole lot of product for your buck


I got mine from Beauty Bay for £18.20, 25% off! Yippee!


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