I realised that I was living alone when...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

When there's no food in the fridge, there is no food in the fridge and no matter how many times I open and close that fridge door a beautiful cheesecake will not appear on the shelf that has only a half empty container of dip.

Unless someone walks with the pace of urgency at all times they deserve a stern 'look'

The never ending circle of wanting a pet but realising how cruel it would be to have it live in the confines of your teeny tiny living space

Food shopping becomes a sport in its own right, carrying the wight, the handles cutting into your fingers in the cold, promising yourself I will order online next time

I only need to iron something if it looks it needs an iron, and then I'll probably choose to wear something else

If I must iron, the carpet is a perfectly adequate as an ironing board
Sometimes, you do just find yourself having to walk home alone at night and praying that you won't be preyed upon

My clothes fresh from the wash don't smell like meadows or flower fields, but instead feel crunchy, like cardboard

There's more and more and many more moments of realisation I had that I was living alone, by myself in a city - not all bad!
Then I look at pictures like this one and feel so gushy that I get to live in this city


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