Lumie Clear Acne Light- Review, First Impressions, Before & Afters

Saturday, 5 April 2014

The long awaited Lumie Clear Acne light review! This is by no means a cheap product and deserved a whole review in it's own right. It is a light with a self timer of 15 minutes that activates when pressing a power button. The light is then shone on the face for the entire 15 minute duration, during which time the light is supposed to do all kind of great things including kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and generally a whole host of great things. It's an unusual product and one that I hadn't heard a lot about, however I'd seen some really great reviews and made the plunge.

The pros and cons turned out to be as follows:

Lightweaight product that is very portable
Reduction of whiteheads (presumably down to it bacteria killing properties)
Non contact, so great for sensitive skin

The price... Over £100!
Time consuming, 15 minutes per day, which sometimes could take up to 1 hour once I had dedicated 15 minutes to each portion of my face
Results are slow, and quite unspectacular - I dedicated 4 months to this baby, and by dedicated I mean dedicated like my life depended on it.

 If 9 more minutes of spending time with me (i.e wathcing the video above) makes you feel like you want to pull your hair out then I will give you the summary as follows: This is a last resort product due to the price, I found the results to be too small to justify the price and had I known I would not have purchased this one... sad faces all around...


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