New video: Pumpkin Spice- New Room - New haircut!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

So I cut off all my hair and moved house, all in under twleve days!
It's been crazy here, as I was utterly ecstatic to cut my hair off, I had only been growing it out for 'the' wedding, and now It's over I'm delighted to have my short hair back, I am just not a long haired gal, it's too fussy, too much and too bland for me. I was practically giddy in the hairdressers chair and giggling with excitement when she did the first big 'chop' to hear the snip and see the chunk of hair dropping to the floor.
 The very next day...
I moved back to University, as the Summer is officially over!
I am thrilled to be back in the city that I love, living in a new house with my nearest and dearest friends.
My room has a lot that needs doing to it before it will be 'my' room but it's a working progress and I'm getting there.

Here's my new vid of the rest of the academic year, You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you?

I called it Pumpkin spice as I was inspired to use some orange eyeshadow from Bare Minerals that I had hardly touched.
I love this, and it's a great alternative to taupe's and browns for a neutral every day look.


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