Halloween Makeup Tutorial Easy Creepy Plastic Barbie Princess China Doll

Friday, 18 October 2013

There's a whole lot of directions that this look can take you,

You want to be a Barbie? Check!

You want to be a Pageant Queen? Check!

You want to be a fairy princess? Check

You want to be a China doll? Check, check

A major contributing factor besides the makeup is the creepy expression that you put with it. That can make it all the more horrifying.

If you're looking for a costume that is eerie without being gory or needing any specialist products then this is a look to consider. You can still look yourself, and glamorous but just a little more 'frozen in time' and maybe disturbed.

If this is a little on the tame side for you, then watch until the end for a little hint of what's coming next week...then think of this as the part 1 transformation video to something altogether more disturbing...


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