Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I am suuuper late on the Instagram bandwagon, so late that I didn't actually start posting until today.
I am really rather enjoying it!
So far I've posted a picture of Lana Del Rey (mandatory)
A cute animal (also mandatory)
and some Hello Kitty bits and pieces

I do need to get the hang of this whole 'tagging' malarky, or hash tagging, it throws me off a little as basically anything can be hashtagged.
Instagram kind of reminds me of Pinterest, but a little more refined and less ambitious... if that makes sense?

I'll share with you a few little magical treats from my Insta-stream
before I tumble into a long deep sleep, I still have my next installment in my Halloween costume tutorial videos to upload! I'm getting there, give me a chance...

I really think that this place could rival Disneyland (From what I've seen which extends no further than a Google image search)

Now you never have to look at anything cute ever again for the rest of your life and you'd still have cuteness left over

She was the soundtrack to my Summer, and now, accidentally, my life too.

 Isn't it funny how filters make everything look better?


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