Ahoy there Sailor!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

As well as the colour mint, I also love nautical themed things, I have been to so many fancy dress parties in a variety of Sailor outfits that it's almost silly! But not quite...

So my heart did a funny skip dance at the nautical MAC collection that's come out.

The packaging is cute with wavy blue stripes and it's all inspired by those pretty retro pin-up girls that remind me of the seaside!

So, what am I most looking foward to?
Jaunty- A frost eyeshadow (looks like sand from here!)

Handforged- Powerpoint eye pencil

Throw me a line! Ruby red lip pencil

Send me sailing- Lipglass
As much as I love nautical, these are the main things that interest me, there's a lot of orange toned products which are a big no no on my skin tone

But I can still appreciate the awesomeness of their names!

The name awards go to:

In Third place- Sea mist liquid lip balm - I think that sounds like just the thing to put on some sun frazzled lips

In Second place- Jaunty - I just love that word! We should use that in everday language 'her haircut is so jaunty!'

In First place-............... Launch Away! - I can hear the cannon balls flying through the air as we speak!

What's your favourites from the new collection?


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