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Monday, 7 May 2012

Shopping in charity shops is one thing, but there are lots of reasons why some people don't - Maybe one of these reasons sums up you?

1. The idea of used clothes isn't appealing to me

2. I never find anything that I like

3. There aren't any charity shops near me

4. Just going into those places makes me feel overwhelmed the amount of junk on display

5. I don't feel strongly enough about the charity to draw me inside

if this is YOU stay tuned- you are in for a treat!

is an amazing website, where a tshirt and hoodie design is made and produced and on sale for one week- and the proceeds go towards one specific charity; there's details on who the charity are, what they're about and what your purchase (i.e money) can do to help someone else.

Maybe you don't like this weeks design?

No problemo!

Next week they'll be a new design!
Supporting a new charity! (it can be solutions to sex trafficking, hunger, disease)

The best part?
The designs are beautiful, charming, whimsical and wearable

The price?

$22 for a shirt, $35 for a hoodie they often sell one design in a variety of shirt designs, sometimes jumpers too and in male and female designs

'Do they ship to me?'
I hear you cry!
YES! They ship worldwide!!

So while you're stocking up on clothes for summer, visit sevenly for new designs along with asos, forever21, H&M, Topshop- and wherever else you're shopping!


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