Saturday night movies

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I find that Saturdays are the only days that I can justify watching a good movie!
It seems to take some serious preparing to be able to just sit and relax for two hours and not move or do anything else.

Movies fall in lots of catagories- These are the Alexia catagories!

Movies I newly love - Movies I watch over and over - Movies I thought would be great

Movies that I newly love:
(the movies aren't necessarily new, but newly watched by me)
1. The Hunger Games - I love this film a lot, but I have to wait until it's available on DVD before I can watch it over and over, instead I've been listening to the movie score over and over... oh wow... it's amazing, Healing Katniss is my favourite track and one of my favourite scenes in the movie and everytime I listen to it, I see the scene playing out in my head so perfectly!

2.Like Crazy- made by an independant small film production but I sort of love it because of that, it's very raw and isn't dressed up with one climactic and dramatic event but more of a fly on the wall perspective of their lives, I wept... a lot!

3.Talhotblond - I know the spelling is ridiculous, but I would scream and shout this movie from the rooftops because I believe everyone (aged 18 and over it's got some explicit words) needs, needs, needs and MUST see this film. It is fantastically told and the ending is absolutely mind blowing and best or worst of all, depending how you look at it, it's a true story. You don't need to watch it over because the impact is so heavy that once it's hit you once you will not forget it. Please please resist all temptation to read spoilers, or sum ups of the movie instead, you simply must watch this film!

Movies I watch over and over:
1. Bridesmaids - If ever you need a full blown belly laugh, you will get it with this film, I find the situations utterly hysterical, it's one of those films where your sat there thinking, surely things aren't going to get any worse!? And then...they do

2. The Cove - uncovers a whole new perspective on Japans dolphin market, I myself am not an animal lover, but this film really hit a nerve and made me feel passionate about something I didn't think I'd care about, it got my heart racing because it is a documentary film and some filming is done undercover and it's pretty tense at points, but really wonderful and beautiful too.

3. In her shoes- funny, wonderful and a kind of unusual story done in a creative way, especially relatable if you have a sister, you can empathise with the sometimes utter frustration that those relationships can bring but also the humour and heart wrenching moments. I really love this film, it's one of my favourites (but i have about 20 million favourites)

Movies that were...underwhelming
1. The House Bunny - I loved the costumes and outfits, but the movie itself was slightly sleep inducing.

2. The notebook - don't hate me! I know I'm in the minority with this one but I simply didn't fall in love with the characters like I expected to

3. Borat - I was getting tired of people telling me how I simply have to watch this film and how funny it is. I was honestly heaving too much from the grossness to even crack a smile- not my film! Not one little bit!

Now, on with the movie!!!


TiffanyNicole said...

Great post! I love watching movies and there are a few in here I haven't seen. I totally agree with you about is disgusting!!!

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