Friday, 4 May 2012

Since I've been born I've been branded a milky-white-vanilla-popsicle-snow-white sort of person, and this never really bothered me. I'm just not a 'tanning' sort of person- Big deal

Well it only started to bug me when I'd buy fake tan to look 'glowy and healthy' in the summer and not one of them took to my skin!
I tried L'oreal and Johnsons both of which I know lots of people love and swear by, but all it did to me was make my skin horribly greasy with lotion that didn't absorb in over night and a horrible fake tan smell with no fake tan!

I'd all but given up but was tempted by St Tropez mousse.

A mousse sounds good to me, less oily
AND! According to the label the classic 'fake tan' smell is almost non existant (but labels say a lot of things so I'll have to get back to you)

What didn't sound good to me was the £17 price tag from www.feelunique.com (and I can give you the update that they certainly have not changed their packaging methods since I last ordered, check my past post here to read what I'm talking about.

As eager as I am to try it out, I'm going to wait til Friday incase I have a tan-tastrophe and can hide away while it fades easier.

Also! I have a little cut and I don't want to make it horribly infected by putting on lotions, hopefully it will all be healed by Friday- if there's anything to make a boo-boo feel better it's Hello Kitty plasters

I'm hoping to give you a day-by-day pictures of how/if my tan develops over the days following, have you tried this product? Love it ? Hate it? Let me know!


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