Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It hurts our purse, feet, and shoulders, carrying all those bags
But prom season is upon us!

So a video is in order on how to get your perfect prom dress and not have the process be so gosh darn painful!

For those of us who are not buying prom dresses, these tips are universal for every kind of shopping trip! Nowadays, I tend to do more little bits here and there online than a big shop in stores because it's so gosh darn tiring.

Here's the video:

Prom perfection tips:

-Avoid the temptation to get your dress online, photographs of clothes are not the same as wearing it on yourself as you want to look at your absolute best!

-If you are buying your dress online, be wary of websites that are based in China, often the dresses are immitations of the ones pictures rather than the actual one photographed and the quality suffers because of this, think shoddy stitching and uneven seams and you'll get what I mean


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