Friday, 1 February 2013

Alright, so I overdid it yesterday... there's no denying that!
But I'm starting on the road to recovery today with a swim!

Swimming costume courtesy a la my sister for Christmas, it's Slazenger, and makes me feel like a super athletic swimmer, before Christmas I was wearing my jazzy bikini to the pool which wasn't very practical at all

And I love how they always make me feel like I am going to an exclusive rave party every time I go to the pool because to prove that you have paid you get to wear one of these:

And by 'get to' I mean have to, otherwise they might kick you out the pool!
It's a blue paper wristband that somehow doesn't get ruined in water, it's the kind of thing you might get at a nightclub.
Unfortunately no raves for me, an early night as I head back home tomorrow for a hen party! (no, not my sisters)


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