Sunday, 24 February 2013

I ordered my first every Graze box from
It's basically a box of snacks that gets sent to you by default weekly, but you can choose to have them daily or fortnightly for example. All my friends were telling me about how you can claim your first free box using a code, but I didn't have a code but still got a free box sort of by accident. Basically, I made an account and had filled in my email but when it came to filling in my card details I didn't have my card to hand so simply stopped creating an account alltogether. Cleverly, Graze sent me an email to remind me that I hadn't completely finished entering in my details and that if I did I would get a free box- so of course I finished signing up!
Once my account had been made I could have waited for the surprise of what might have arrived in my Graze box or I could take matters into my own hands and choose the things that I knew I would Love, Like, Try and Bin (i.e dislike and never want to try)
To be honest, I binned quite a lot, more than half of the options available and there are over 100.
Anyway, some time later I felt confident I'd wiped out all the gross options so that only yumminess would remain, I was hoping for popcorn, olives and delicious crouton, bread-dippy things.
This is what I got:

For some annoying reason, the picture wouldn't move from a sideways angle so I'm sorry that you have to jut your head! But I was happy with what I found, I got my popcorn which was completely delicious, I got my bread dippy things, salsa and chilli and cheesy crackers. It was completely delicious there's no doubt about that but I demolished the entire box in about 30 minutes so it was less of a graze and more of a devouring feast. Also, it was so delicious that I really don't think that it is as healthy as it claims, in the end it was just more snacking than I needed to eat.
It's not something that I can afford to do week in week out, plus I don't believe that it would imporve my diet. If I feel like a snack I have a cupboard full of fruit which is more filling, cheaper and lasts longer than these boxes.
They're a nice idea if you work in an office for example and don't have time to pack a lunch, but I'd suggest taking just one snack to work rather than the whole box as you probably will end up eating them all in one go!


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