Sundae on Sunday

Sunday, 3 February 2013

How likely is that to ever ever happen!?
Not that likely, but today I actually ate what may have been the worlds greatest ice cream sundae and I ate it on a Sunday!
We headed to the handmade burger company after the cinema (which I'll write about another day as It will be a long-un) and I ordered the lamb and mint burger which was suuuuper good, it had all delicious mint sauce that was just dreamy, it reminded me of the roast dinners that I would usually eat at home on Sundays, but it's too much work for just me to make when I'm not at home. I wish I'd taken a picture of it because they just make fast food burgers look like limp lifeless flatbread in comparison.
But I did get a dessert which was amazing, I think that they are a new addition to the menu, I chose the Banoffee pie flavour which had real pieces of banana in it. I can't do enough description that will do it justice, there would be random clumps of the buttery sweet biscuit base and piles of cream and ice cream and ooodles of caramel. Next to mine is the brownie and waffle version which was good but I think that mine was better! Just typing about it it making me too hungry to sleep so I'll just leave you with a picture and probably a sugar craving!
I have such a sweet tooth I just can't help it!


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