Candy Yum Yum

Monday, 30 December 2013

This is a little peek at the candy stash that I was bought for Christmas. Sweets in the UK are becoming increasingly influenced by the states which is of course lots of fun! Pop tarts in the UK becoming a mainstream snack or even choice for breakfast? Who thought that day would ever come?

There are still some specialist shops in a few areas, mostly large malls or cities that stock imported American candy and it is always priced at around four times more than what is 'reasonable' but the novelty makes it feel worth it.

I am honestly not too sure which of these are UK or USA, but I'm pretty certain the Hershey's are a USA exclusive, I am reluctant to eat them yet as their packaging is too awesome, and I think to start my day on a bowl of anything that is cookie flavored would just send me into a sugar melt down.

I also have this fun Hello Kitty lollipop (the Hello Kitty theme is strong across every Christmas and Birthday of mine) and it is covered in sugar crystals, it looks way too cute to eat!

Sweeties like this are more and more common in Supermarkets which is fun as a treat, but also a little depressing as the UK is #1 in Europe for obesity, that in itself is worrying, everything in moderation- even Pop Tarts!

This is mostly irrelevant but I am making it relevant, Candy Yum Yum is the trickiest lipstick from Mac that I have ever tried to get my hands on, three different stores have been out of stock and one Mac girl actually said 'We cannot keep it in stock! That and Ruby Woo'

So who knew? It's not a classic shade, or a neutral that is Macs best selling lipstick, but good ol' highlighter pink Candy Yum Yum


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