Popcorn PJs and Christmas Candle light

Sunday, 29 December 2013

I know that it probably would sound much more glamorous to say that I fall asleep between crisp white sheets wearing Victoria's Secret pajamas, but the truth be told my PJs go a little something like this...

They are from Topshop and I got them for Christmas! I think that they are so hilarious and fun, I can't get enough of them, I wore them to sleep over at my Aunties house and she cracked up at the sight of them, they have that effect on people as they just make people smile, what more could I want from PJs??
Plus... I think that they will look even more brilliant when combined with my very over sized unicorn slippers, although those are waiting for me back at my uni house.

I finished off tonight with studying for exams  in January *woohoo*

but also secretly burning my festive candles, I don't think it's too late to be burning candles that smell like Christmas trees but there is a strict -no candle- rule in my mums house, so I convinced her to let me keep these candles for 'decoration', they have been decorating my bed side table for around 10 months in anticipation of Christmas, I secretly smuggle the candle lighter thingy from the kitchen drawer when my mum is around, yes I am older than a teenager and having to sneak around the house and abide by my mums rules.

Christmas kisses as I see in the new year with festive candles and revision!


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