Coca cola truck comes to town!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Television adverts are all trying their mighty hardest to step it up this year to create emotive and memorable adverts in the hope that they may go viral and be the advert of that season. John Lewis has had some great ones and I love the Alice in Wonderland themed advert from I believe...M&S but nothing will beat the festive feeling like seeing that big coca cola truck, surely?

I happened to be out when I saw the Coca Cola truck had rolled it's way up into the high street as part of its 'tour' around the country and I am totally delighted to tell you that it was very magical, albeit smaller than it looks on TV... They had a coca cola gospel choir nearby too which was hilarious and entertained while I queued to have a picture with the truck. There was only a little queue, they handed out mini cans of coke which I do not and never have drunk, so I just held it in the picture to look festive before spilling half of it down my winter coat!

I present to your the most festive of festive photographs!!!

It's not the most flattering of photographs - but I guess that's not the point

My coat that I love and adore is from Next, it has ruffle cuffs and collars which are irresistible and make me feel regal. It was in the kids section which goes up to a generous age 16 which fits a size 8/10 Although I have had to sew back on a button or two!


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