5 minute up-do!

Monday, 30 April 2012

My sister came over the weekend for a friends birthday at a nightclub called 'The Sugar Hut' I think it sounds like the inside would be covered in sweets, but it's not like that at all; it's been made famous by a really popular television show here called 'The Only Way Is Essex' it's like a reality show (but I don't think much of it is really real)

She wanted a pretty hairstyle, I usually do a lot of 'down-do's' on her, long loose curls and lots of volume- that sort of thing, but today we were feeling an up-do, so an up-do we did!

I was meant to take pictures as I went through but we were short for time so I only have the before and after- but luckily, it's so darn easy that I can explain it without the visual aids!

1. Separate the top section of hair and backcomb underneath to act as a kind of 'cushion' for the smooth top part of the hair to be laid over to make an automatic quiff! Pin it in place and smother in hairspray!

2. Gather the rest of the hair into  tight and low ponytail, use a plain and simple hair tie

3. Take the ponytail and flip it and push it through the hair behind the pony tail, to make a kind of 'fancy- twist' ponytail

4. take the ends of the hair and flip it again, although instead of pushing it through hold it flipped inwards and pin until your hearts content and its held in place. Add another layer of hairspray, focusing specifically on the bun.

5. Finsh of with pretty itty bitty hair clips that match what you wear, my sister was wearing a dusky pink dress so I pinned 2 mathcing hair slides into the bun

 The finished result!

There you go, hair stylist (haha) and customer!
I know-I look like a vanilla popsicle next to my sister!


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