The funnest jumper ever!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

It only seemed right that I had a little down time after all this intensity of schooling, and i for sure felt I got the most out of my day, we headed to East Algate to go to a fab vintage fair where I picked up the cutest jumper with pictures of makeup and perfume on it.

Then we went to a huge shop called 'Beyond Retro' which was stacked to the high heavens with retro sweaters, and dresses and tops and aprons and cowboy boots!

Then just around the corner we had out photo taken in the booth of music store Rough Trade

By some sort of chance we ended up in Angel and had the most amazing Mexican food, it was the same set up as a Subway, where it is made before your eyes and it tasted so, so good!
With our energy revived we went onto Oxford Street but was overwhelmed by the aggresive shoppers in the Topshop sale and had more luck picking up cute things in H&M.

I got a trusty black cardigan, and a mint tee for about £4

By the end of the day I also had a lipstick from MAC in shade 'Pervette' a lipgloss in 'Pretty plush' and a bronzer in 'Matte Bronze'

Whew, by the time I got home my feet were throbbing as though I had been doing star jumps in heels all day long!


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