Pastels- NEXT!

Friday, 29 June 2012

I love and adore the pastels thing going on this Spring, it's pretty rare that I ever jump into a fashion trend head first as fashion dates so fast, but pastel colours are just completely irresistable to me and before I  know it I have a whole pastel rainbow going on!
So here's my pastel favourites from my wardrobe

Pink pastel skinny jeans from Next £18

...and they were soo comfy I got the lilac from there too, same price

Mint ones (my personal favourite) are more super-skinny and the best colour! from H&M they were a present from my sister so I don't know the price!

 Polka dot mint blouse from Next, also kids section priced at around £16-£18 I can't remember!

Black shoesies are not very -fresh- so I go for white pumps the same kinda colour as this shirt collar
I got a mint scarf it came from Brick Lane market and cost something like 50p! Wee!

To top it all off.. a vanilla cake bag! Yum


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