Chained up dress?!?

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ted Baker is the place of secret dreams for me!
I know to a lot of people, Ted Baker is still very much a High Street store as there branches pop up all over the place rather than in exclusive areas, but to me I consider Ted Baker to be a designer dream and New Look, Topshop, Forever21 and H&M as the standard High Street stores, for me at least

I had a little wishful looky inside- the only thing I've ever bought was a bag in the sale from £75 to £35- A beautiful white dress covered with crystals caught my eye and so I picked it up off the rail to show my Aunite (my shopping pal) and I was startled that the dress pulled me back, I turned around to see that the dress was CHAINED to the rail!!

I was so startled that it was chained I remember thinking -holy smokes how much IS this dress worth?- I had a little look for a price tag but couldn't see one which usually means something is super duper expensive, in my head at least, so that was when I decided the smart thing to do would be to promptly put it back on the rail and back away slowly...

Instead I admired it online

It's called the Wilz dress and costs...wait for it... £999!

A dress that I actually tried on was this one

I fell in love with it so bad I didn't want to take it off, but again it had no price which made me a bit nervous! But it was £399 so out of my price range but the detailing and pleats on the skirt was so so lovely- the colour in real life is nicer too, more of a dusty rose than a baby pink!

Tell me, what's the most you'd ever spend on a dress!?


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