Tanning Time Line!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A little while back you may have read that I invested in some St Tropez fake tan, it was an investment for me at something like £17 a pop, but thankfully I was not let down!

I am a very milky white skin toned sort of girl naturally so when I pumped this foam out onto my (gloved) palm I was a little horrified that it was the shade of dark chocolate! I didn't want to look like I'd been rolling around in chocolate, but luckily as long as I rubbed in and blended out it's still a gradual build tan that actually worked on my skin (the other gradual build moisturiser ones never worked on my skin and didn't really absorb in)

I usually do about four days of applying, then I get to the shade where I don't want to go any darker because it will look unnatural and then skip the tanning for 3 days for it to fade back down, and work in motions like that.

I took a snippet every day, unfortunately not at the same time every day so the lighting goes a bit whack and makes me look more (or in some cases) less tanned than I actually looked in real life.

But here it is:

My Top tips:
Victoria Secret Plum body scrub all over before you apply the fake tan
The Sanctuary foot scrub especially for my feet

Any ol' body moisturiser (I have too many, and rarely use body moisturiser) for the elbows, feet and knees
and a face moisturiser (I like the Simple one)

Gloves on your hands! This stuff stains baybay, I washed my hands immediately after application and four hours later and they still looked utterly Tangoed!


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