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Monday, 25 June 2012

You know me, clothing with a purpose other than looking down right pretty is a huge bonus to me- If you've been reading for a while, may have read my post on
Amazing company, selling beautiful clothing with pretty designs like dreamcatchers and abstract art for a different cause each week, sometimes famine, orphans, clean water; causes like that.

Here's my newest addition to the 'clothing with a cause' by a company called The International Princess project, it rescues women from India who are trapped in prostitution and instead, allows them to stitch in good working conditions these amazing PJ PANTS!
I've explained it very broadly, it's actually a hugely emotional and revolutanary, their video explains it beautifully!

It's such a shame at this moment in time it only has 11,000 views or so, when there's videos of a person falling off their bike or something with millions of views!

Here is the grand products themselves or Punjammies, the patterns are so beautiful they could also be called Funjammies I think!

Are these not the best lounging pants ever? I say they're far too pretty for bed! I'd wear them lounging in the garden, for 'reading days' on the beach, picnics in the park!

They do shirts and shorts too that are pretty

But I like the Punjammies the best!
If you love them but are short on cash, they have a very generous sale section with lots of designs that after that will be discontinued.

The sad part is that they only ship to the US and Canada! I could have shed a tear, so I looked for volunteering oppertunities with the charity but at this time there are none overseas, oh well!
I've followed them on twitter so that if international shipping becomes available I'll be the first to know!
And just for fun, and maybe to explain why this cause specifically has sturck a chord of passion with me was my incredible trip to India; so here it is the most gloriously unglamorous photograph of myself in the traditional 'get up' in the hotel lobby! Enjoy!


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