Thursday, 31 January 2013

I thought it would be a good idea to buy Nutella in bulk- economies of scale and all that.
I started off with the little jars, the tiny 200g that would last me about a week ( I eat it with a spoon) I got through my first jar so quickly that I moved up to the next size, the 500g jar which lasted me a little longer... then
I saw the mother of the jars
the 700g
and then something just came over me.. and I ate about 500g all in one day and now I'm paying for it, I have a raging migraine probably from a complete sugar overload that my body just isn't used to, plus I now can't stand the sight of Nutella... the thought of eating another spoon is like thinking of eating a tablespoon of butter or ketchup... just ugh

So that's how I killed Nutella... or how Nutella killed me, I'm not sure.


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