A little shop called Mac...

Sunday, 5 January 2014

For the very first time I visited the Mac shop instead of a concession, and it was quite something!
Having just had Christmas aswell as ordering myself the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, and some Nyx treats I was trying to only buy what I 'needed'.
One thing that I needed was foundation, and that was a complete need, A foundation is of course essential and I can justify buying a good one as the foundation has to be good to make everything else look good on top! I got the Studio Fix Fluid in shade NC15

N.B - I got colour matched by the girl in Mac and it all began well until the old chestnut came up as she began removing my foundation, she wanted to give me skin care advice. I understand she is of course trying to help, but it was irritating to me as everything she suggested I was of course already doing- she told me about using a toner- Really? I've dealt with problematic skin since the age of 13 and She does not think that I am
1. Using toner
2. Using a good skin care routine

I found the whole experience quite insulting, but of course she wasn't meaning to be rude and only trying to be helpful. But it did make me feel dirty, as though she did not think that I was washing my face and that was the cause of my breakouts.

So, to the counter I marched with the foundation feeling proud that I'd walked past the new stock, the Mac Pro Section, the paint pots, all without being swept in, until...!

A Bubblegum pink lipglass, well this is the very thing missing from my collection, the thing that I've been longing for, it will make my lips look fuller, it will match so many outfits, so many eye looks and people will say 'wow where did you get that bubblegum coloured lipgloss' and I'll say 'It's Saint Germain by Mac' and how much fun that would be...

So I had to get it and what a treat it is! It even smells of vanilla cake, oh I just love it!

Finally, my mum told me about a lipliner that she proclaimed 'incredible' and a 'Your lips but better' look. So I came home with that too. It is 'Nude' by No7 from Boots and is warm toned with a little bit of orange in it. It looks brick coloured swatched, but on it just looks lovely although it's smell is waxy and kind of putrid - but I think that I can overlook that for how practical it is.


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