Seeing The Snowman Live - A secret video!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

My mum and I shared the most wonderful day today! We woke up early enough for a Saturday and headed up to London, I wore my new London fabric bag from Cath Kidston, I don't know if that's too cheesy but I thought that it was fun.

It was a little rainy but we headed to Oxford Street where I was able to pick up a lovely little dress moment New Look that I'd had my eye on for a little while, hoping as it's a summer garment that it would go into the sale, but I was out of luck. I paid for it, in the hope that it's wearbility and versatility will pay for itself. It's a black dress with daisies on it, it's style is a swing dress with a separate white tshirt underneath, I'll upload pictures in hone next couple days but for now I'm just trying to write down all the love lenses before my eyes clamp shut!

Then we went onto the Peacock theatre in London to watch 'The Snowman' we had seen it before two years previous and adored it so much that we decided to see it again.

It was just as magical this time around, and I couldn't resist buying a souvenir! A singing snowman, as opposed to the one that I bought two years previously at the theatre which while more accurate to the cartoon, sits mute next to my all flying, all singing new snowman toy.
The whirring in the background is the lovely, noisy wind which is unfortunately unstoppably noisy- so in this instance think of it as making the whole snowman theme even more authentic!

Then we went onto Covent Garden and had a little wander, I got swept into the Mac shop where I was colour matched for a new foundation, and picked up a Barbie pink lipgloss! I'll go into more details with pictures tomorrow, stay tuned!

Then we went onto Yo! Sushi and are ourselves silly with a pile high of plates, and then off to home we went! It was around half 8 by the time we arrived home, shopped out and feeling festive post-Christmas


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