Summer Dress Daisy Daze

Thursday, 23 January 2014

It's not even a little bit sunny, it's nearly 3pm and I am wearing normal clothes with a dressing own wrapped around me, sat under my duvet, the only horrible thing is having to have my fingers out to type as they always get chilly.
Nonetheless, I love browsing for clothes for a sunnier day, my winter wardrobe is comprehensive and full but my summer wardrobe lacks choice, which is to be expected given the proportion of time in the year that it is appropriate to wear summer clothes versus winter. A little dress caught my eye with its enchanting daisy print and a cute soft white tshirt underneth.

I saw it and it immediately reminded me of Miss Honey from Matilda (the film not the book) as I was certain that she wore something similar with a tshirt underneath a strappy swing dress, but I couldn't find it on Google images so perhaps that was just my imagination.

But it does have that kind of cool, American vibe to it, I think.
I picked the dress up, and put it back, a week later I was still thinking about it, considered ordering it online but was put off by the high postage costs before eventually seeing it in store again and ceasing the daisy day!!!

Now all I need is a wink of sunshine so that I can try it out!


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