Let The Good Times Roll - Lush body and face wash

Monday, 13 January 2014

Something this glorious is, in my opinion, wasted to be smeared across the expanse of my body. No, this is much too lovely and I have branded it 'too nice for anywhere else'

Closing my eyes, hooking my nose over the edge of the pot and the smell of the funfair fills my nostrils. Not the ones from today, the one just like that fair in 'The Notebook' where even the grass looks like it could have the scent of candyfloss singed into it. Think caramelised sugar, butterscotch- sweet and low scented as opposed to Lush's infamous 'Snow Fairy' with it's strong and loud cotton candy blend.

Let The Good Times Roll is all the fun of the fair in a little pot.

It has a texture like rich, stiff butter cream icing but is a dense mustard colour and, do a little poking around and you will find fully formed, individual pieces of popcorn!
I have no idea how I scrub these into my face, I suppose it is all part of the sensory experience.
The paste is at first somewhat dry so needs water to be activated into a smotherable form.
I whip up a little little bit with the tip of my finger, and rub it into a wet palm of the alternate hand before applying to my damp face.

It does not have much of a lather to it, so do not expect frothy bubbles, once applied it is colourless if you distribute a thin layer evenly enough and has a very very slight grainy feel to it. With this in mind, this face wash is a nice treat for 'every other day' if your skin can survive it all like mine but if you're more of a delicate daisy then once a week will be terrific.


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