Asos Trouser Glory!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I am not normally a jazzy trouser kind of girl I never really tend to go *there* as it all seems too daring for me and high maintenance.
When am I going to wear a hot pink pair of trousers, in January? Really?

I end up believing that this whole fling with the idea of statement trousers is over
and over and over
and over
until I decide that I keep being drawn back to fun print trousers and jewel tone colours, what good reason do I have for it not to be -oh so me- ?
I took the leap into trouser choice heaven (Asos

They may not seem that exciting to you, but to me this is a Pretty Big Deal 
My drawer of trousers contains lots of shades of denim, lots of textures of black, some khaki green and coffee coloured cords.

I took the plunge and ordered a few pairs in a few sizes- I wasn't sure at this point of the damage that Christmas may have done to my thighs. I opted to begin building up a selection with this raspberry/crimson tailored pair that have a cute crop to them.

I know it's probably impossible to tell which one is a stock photographs and which one is being modelled by yours truly..

I won't lie to you, chilly ankles in this weather, but if I am popping out for lunch and I'll spend most of the time indoors then I can take the cold for a few moments.
I pair them with a cream knit jumper, embellished with roses in blue, yellow and an almost identical pink, the jumper is quite open knit and loose to give the whole look a 'casual winter brights' appeal that I hope I pull off.

The next pair are the jewel in the crown, delicious sort of iridescent blues, embroided with roses that resemble textiles only used for curtains in a time gone by.

Something about these scream oriental, so I just had to have them. They are light, and silky to touch and look very 'casual classy tailoring' with a cream blouse. I cannot get enough of them but feel that they are harder to look 'right' in Autumn/Winter because the blue is so fresh and spring-like whereas my pink pair are like a zingy stab in the dark winter days.

My style does not change often, and I stick to what I know meaning that I have pieces , in my eyes, that still work after years and years. This was a little off the wall for the likes of me, but what a fun and rewarding switch from the denim winter blues.


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