Just call me Babysitter!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

What cool crazy and wild-child things do I get up to on a Sunday?
Babysitting is the answer!
It was not crazy, or particularly cool and was actually kind of dull!
I think I prefer babysitting when the baby is in bed, because then it's more just a case of 'sitting' haha!

Here's a little looky at my babysitting attire and (lack of) makeup!

Cupcake bag! It's from ebay but it's for kiddies hence the eeny weeny size of it

My favourite mint jeans from H&M and white matching pumps from Next

Pink Slush Puppy hoodie from truffleshuffle.com but it really old so I don't know if they sell it anymore but maybe someone is selling one on ebay!

Living it up on a Sunday woop woop!


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