Birthdays and Camera troubles

Friday, 20 January 2012

Today I've been wrestling with my camera once again to recover lost videos that I've had recorded for some time now, I'm not going to give in and share what they are yet because I still have hope of them being edited and uploaded, but my camera at present is refusing to turn on.

After the frustrations of that I went to dinner for my friends birthday and then a group of us stayed at her house, it was fun to have a slumber party like back when we were little. I sported a cow print onesie for jammies, it was a christmas present and it came from Primark, they did all other kids of fun prints, tigers, paw prints and blue stars! I liked my cow one the best and it kept me snug because there wasn't much bedding between eight of us and it's pretty freezing in Janurary to sleep without a blanket!

Last night was a great night for inspiration as I've been waiting for a great Valentines day makeup tutorial to pop into my head and a little something came together in my thoughts yesterday so I'm looking foward to filming that and showing you guys what I've come up with!
I love taking requests so show me what you've got and I'll try and make it happen (trying to avoid the smokey eyes though, Youtube is all smoked out!)
Whatever time it is where you are, have a great rest of your day and I'll 'blog you later!'
(instead of see you later, geddit?)


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