What I wore for Saturday shopping

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Even though today is Sunday and I went shopping yesterday with my Aunt, by the time I got home I was too tired to upload pictures!
I wore a cream knit cardigan from Joe Browns
A brown skinny belt from Forever 21
Pattern leggings from Joe Browns
Black ankle boots with a buckle from New Look
Here's a little peek...

For makeup I went for full face coverage, a pale eye with a light brown thoroughly blended into the crease, brown eyeliner which I smudged with a brush to make it look more 'worn' and a rose coloured lip, this was how it turned out:

Saturday breakdown:

-First off, we went to Wahaca to eat, it was scrum diddly-umptious, we shared a grilled steak taco, winter vegetable taco, a chicken guajillo tostada, and a huitlacoche quesadilla - and noo I don't know how to pronounce any of those! All I know is that it was very delicious, and the only restuarant I've been to where they had a sink out in the front part allowing you to give your hands a good wash before your eat.

-Then with our bellys full we began shopping, I got a Ted Baker tote which I looove, a lipstick shirt from Punkyfish (it's so sparkly!) and some dullsville notecards for revision *yawn* Even with the sales on their were so many beautiful things that my lil' bank balance wouldnt be able to handle, things I fell in love with but had to leave on the shelf included:
 Blush Ombre
- MAC Daphne Guiness gradient blusher

MAE - Facet gem ring
-Ted Baker gem ring

ABBEE - Printed cropped jacket
-Ted Baker Floral Jacket and shorts

We finished off by grabbing milkshakes from a fun milkshake bar called 'Sblended' where they blend your favourite sweets into a milkshake, but some flavours are so weird like a marmite milkshake! eww! I stuck to my plain ol' Cadbury cream egg milkshake.
Then we nipped into Frankie & Bennys since we had a long wait until the next showing at the cinema and ate a giant (I mean, size of a pizza base giant) garlic bread with melted cheese, it was delicious and we justified eating it by walking around shops all day.
Then we saw The Sitter at the cinema, which was...okay!

Then I curled up in bed watching trashy teleshopping!


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