Uploading alllllll night long

Monday, 30 January 2012

I spent all night last night finishing off editing my Valentines day look, creating a video always begins as a simple feat, but so many new complications arise with each video, some of which included:

-Filming the whole tutorial then realising for pretty much all of it my eye is out of the camera shot
-Filming it again and it coming out blurry
-Editing it and waiting for it to upload before realising the whole end part is just a black screen with my voice chatting away!
-Re editing, saving and uploading again and realising that it's way past my bedtime but the uploading has already begun so I left my laptop on while youtube took so, so, so, so, soooo long to upload!

Anyway, after all that I proudly give you:

And I sure hope you enjoy it!
My next video is me going into a whole lot more detail on the fun little makeup treats that I've bought, most of which are used in this very look!

Valentines day countdown: 15 days!!


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