Sweet, Scaley, Stitching

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I always thought that being a mermaid sounded like the most amazing and fantastic species to be, just lounging on sea shells and making friends with the dolphins looking all wonderfully glamorous with long and wavy hair naturally touselled by the sea salt.

I got so crazy about finding an amazing mermaid costume when I came across this beauty!

She looks just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! And guess what, you can rent the tail out!

Unfortunately I don't have my own private pool where I could splash about in this and not get strange looks, but it would be fun to dream that I did and we could all get together and waddle around in mermaid tails, I'm not even sure if you could walk in that, it doesn't look very flexible!

As an alternative, I thought it would be very fun to make a simple skirt with some scaley fabric of my own, this was the prettiest I found, it's so beautiful and shimmery, and I might get less strange looks wearing it.
But my heart broke when I saw it was 'no longer available'

The hunt for a D.I.Y mermaid tail continues!...


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