Handmade burger time!

Friday, 7 June 2013

I decided before I leave my student town for 4 months that it would be essential to eat at my favourite place that I can't get at home, so we decided to go to the Handmade burger company, it was so good!
Here's a little look at what we ordered:

Mine is on the left, it has beef, rocket, pesto, mozzarella and then I added a flat mushroom for extra deliciousness!
On the right it was beef, cheese, bacon, rocket, tomato and I think that's it.
We had chips to share and they're really chunky, I like my chips chunky!
I don't normally like burgers that much, but these are just the best that I have ever ever tasted
Then, we had banoffee pie ice cream dessert although unusually I couldn't finish mine.

And with that, I say bye to my favorite places to dine for a little while!


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